Doc Fellows Saturday on Winnipesaukee

Doc Fellows Regatta ON

by Oliver Moore Regatta Chairman

We are going to attempt to sail the Doc Fellows regatta this Saturday, Jan 8th, out of Leavitt Park on the northern end of Lake Winnipesaukee. The launch site address is:

Leavitt Park
50 Leavitt Park Rd
Meredith NH 03253

We will have a skippers meeting at 10 am in the pits at the beach. We will attempt to get at least a 3 race regatta in on Saturday and if we can’t we will try again Sunday.

Any and all club member DNs are welcome to participate in the racing. Also if any others want to race we are happy to drop flags for any other class with 3 or more boats.

It sounds like there will also be a kitewing demo being run out of the same beach. It sounds like there is about 4″ of ice stretching all the way down Bear Island and the pictures are pretty stunning. Plenty of room for cruising and racing alike.

See you there!


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Sebago, Jordan Bay update Jan 8

Jordan Bay now caught, but windy forecast Friday.

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Pump House Bay Sebago- Follow Up

Thursday AM Jan 8 Ramblin Roger reports that the 1 inch ice we saw there is all stacked up on the beach. A new band extending maybe 200 yards out has formed, not quite World’s course, with visible outer band of new trash. If the new band gets thick enough to support people they will be there ice fishing. Roger has gone on to Winny.

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Lloyd and Roger rambled down to Lower bay on Sebago today and were rewarded for their efforts with the discovery of one inch of new black ice. A guy with binoculars there could see white caps on the open water way out there, but the bay itself is locked in.

They will go back in the morning to skate and scout, with plans to sail on Friday.

Leavetts Beach on Winnipesaukee flashed two inces in the last couple of days and there will be skaters and Skimbats there tomorrow.

Stand by for a great weekend!

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Wild goose chased

Two mornings running, Tuesday and Wednesday Jan 5&6 the very nice SEBAGOCAM>COM which looks West across Jordan Bay, the NE corner of Sebago Lake has shown grey flat ice, no snow. So Ramblin Roger and I set off to find the weekend ice. We get to Raymond Beach, the northern most tip of the Bay and there is a little rim of intact and broken ice. The rest is water. It is hard to tell new ice from old water.

Thus disappointed we drove around the West side of Sebago and down to Pump House Bay at the South end where there is often first new ice. Indeed the whole bay was covered by lovely clean new ice about 1 inch thick, last night’s handiwork. So zero tonight and seasonal cold the rest of the week we should have 4 inches of new ice to play on for the weekend. We called from the parking lot to President Buchholz, beavering away in his boat shop, to pass on the excitement. Then we headed home toward No. Windham and Rockport. A mile or so down the road there was another vista of the Eastern part of the bay and we pulled off to look through the trees at our growing playground. We were astonished to see the playground breaking up in a fresh Westerly with snow showers. Thinking that this might not be affecting the main ice plate we turned around and went back to the parking lot,( plowed this year!) Our lovely sheet was growing waves and had moved away from the beach. The waves in the ice were breaking it up into strips.

Very likely it will be gone on the morning. We will try to get one of the resident spies to report.

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Tuesday Jan 6 Ice report ctd.

CHICKAWAUKEE : Sunset stroll on grade 1+ coarse cobblestones, thinnest I could find 5-6 inches but would be a very rough ice boat ride, the sort of thing you could get used to but not likely enjoy. I did not get to the glossy black pools visible in the distance at SE corner and S end but similar black ice around the Eastern edge which had been open water yesterday now 1 1/4″ thick, likely 2″ by tomorrow. Is this mess good for anything? Well around the Eastern edge there is a path 6-10 feet wide of skatable snow ice, plenty thick, 4-5 inches, next to the new black transparent edge. Does this go all the way around? I don’t know, I ran out of light. Might try skating around on Wednesday out of desperation.

There now seems to be a good foundation that won’t blow out.

PEMAQUID POND: Drive by, snowy and paving blocky looking. A couple of folks seen standing on ice edge in distance, not visibly skating.

MACES and ROCKY Ponds (on Rte 17 Rockport) smooth looking likely skatable patches, just a drive by.

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New Ice

CHICKAWAUKEE Hurray, we’re sinking. Overnight and at -5F sunup most of the lake is grey, waterlogged snow on sinking ice.

SEBAGOCAM.COM Shows what looks like new ice. Open water with waves yesterday.

DAMMYCAM Looks like snow still.

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