Spring Meeting

Our CIBC Spring Meeting has been scheduled for Sunday, May 1 at Camp Kieve, same venue as the past few years, on the big deck overlooking Damariscotta Lake. We’ll have the club meeting at 11:00 followed by a pot luck lunch. Feel free to bring guests, especially folks who are interested in the sport and need to have questions answered and dreams fulfilled.

And just to maintain the fine tradition of formally announcing the season’s end:

Aretha Franklin “Nessun Dorma” Liveᴴᴰ (Grammy Awards) – YouTube

From the “your tax dollars at work” department, did you know the federal government works hard to support wind sailing activities? Here’s the sign at the entrance to Ivanpah, the dry lake bed in California reserved only for land sailing.

Just bring your land yacht:

And a toilet:

And sail till the sun goes down.

When the food runs out, there are options:


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