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  • Polynesian Iceboat
    Most sailors are familiar with the crab claw rig, common on the proas and sailing canoes of the South Pacific. In his seminal book on sailing aerodynamics C. A. Marhaj concludes that is is one of the most efficient rigs … Continue reading →
    Bill Bunting shared the sad news today that CIBC mascot Trixie has died. She was most well known for her uncanny ability to enter cars and lunch boxes, find the sandwich, eat and retreat. Bill says: “She considered herself a … Continue reading →
  • Summer On The Run
    Summer has been in high season. You’ll never eat better corn, fresher tomatoes. But the first apples are ready for picking, the nights are cooler and the day’s heat lacks conviction. Summer at this point is a party, but the … Continue reading →
  • A Tale Of Two Stern Steerers
    Ben Fuller has been driving old Tipsy petty hard these past years. She’s probably had more ice time in the past five years than in the previous forty, so she’s in the shop for a little structural work. Curiously, the … Continue reading →
  • 75 Days Till The NEIYA Meeting, Swap & Lunch
    Respond to this post by replying above this line New post on New England Ice Yacht Association 75 Days Till The NEIYA Meeting, Swap & Lunch by NEIYA Admin With the Dog Days of summer behind us it’s time to … Continue reading →
  • Small Skeeter YELLOW BIRD For Sale
    Yellow Bird is a small skeeter, 16 feet long (including the spring board) and uses a DN rig and sail. Built as a 7/8 scale North Easter, she is responsive, well balanced and easy to sail. A spruce mast and … Continue reading →
  • Boat Show, good cheap DN
    While the CIBC didn’t manage to sign up and new members this past weekend at the Maine Boats and Harbors show, we did raise awareness of the sport and found some great networking opportunities. We have a very good lead … Continue reading →
  • Maine Boats and Harbors Show
    The CIBC will be exhibiting iceboats at the boat show in Rockland this coming weekend. If you’re in the area please come by and say hello, and get a nice dose of thinking ice here in the depths of the … Continue reading →
  • Skeeter for sale near Long Pond Lakeville, MA
    Looks like a bit of a project, but one never knows. Could be a gem! https://maine.craigslist.org/boa/6646431142.html See it also at http://www.iceboat.org in the buy and sell section. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an iceboat project down in the cool … Continue reading →
  • Creepers
    Anyone who has a forge and is interested in making their own creepers could copy this model from 19th century Finland. It was found in an old tenant fisherman’s cabin on a remote island. Only one was discovered, which indicates … Continue reading →