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  • Lac Joli Four inches of Grade 9
    Denis and Frank had a great day on smooth ice and buckets of wind. They rigged DN masts with storm sails on the Whizz and blasted around the little pond all day, comfortable, fast, no hiking. Denis couldn’t say enough … Continue reading →
  • November 17 In the Books, Lac Joli
    Not bad for one of the warmest autumns in recent history. Not only was Lac Joli very sailable and bullet proof, it’s not going anywhere soon. Some rain Sunday will kill the krust, and cold temps into the week with … Continue reading →
  • Lac Joli ON
    Two guys will attempt to sail this small frog pond just over the border in Sainte Aurelie, Quebec tomorrow and Saturday. Three and a half inches of good ice measured yesterday. An inch of snow fell today, but it’s starting … Continue reading →
  • Caution: Risk of Black Ice!
    I heard there were lots of new VW diesel’s around after the US lawsuit against the company, so I swallowed hard and bought one. And whenever I turn on the ignition, the screen says, “Caution! Risk of Black Ice!” I’m … Continue reading →
  • Pre-Season Video Primer
    Have a look at this terrific video by Denis Geurtin. Send it to all those folks who are sniffing around the edges of the sport. It’s just the sort of motivational video we need to keep in mind as we … Continue reading →
  • Safety Review
    Deb Whitehorse from the Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club sends this timely reminder now that we’re starting to see the ice. Check out all the links and start thinking ice! Take time to make sure you have a great ice … Continue reading →
  • A Bit of Ice
    Dave Godin found this lovely marge today on Holbrook Pond, not far from Plymouth. Considering it blew a gale last night this was quite an accomplishment. It must mean that Holbrook and, by extension Plymouth, are ready to go. In … Continue reading →
  • Launch Etiquette
    The very first thing we’ll be doing this season, after setting up the boat and fixing those little things we forgot about from last season of course, is to back our cars, trucks or trailers down the ramp, un-load and … Continue reading →
  • CIBC Fall Meeting
    Thanks to Dave Fortier for hosting another great meeting. There were about twenty-five people in attendance. We agreed to buy back all the remaining boxes of Think Ice from the IDNIYRA, as Jim has been selling them like hotcakes all … Continue reading →
  • Terrific Chicky meeting
    I am having a glass of wine from the bounty left behind after cleaning up the place. I hope that everyone is home safe and sound. Thanks everyone for all the food shared at the party. I am sad to … Continue reading →