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  • Iceboats for sale in Maine
    Bill Anderson has a couple of boats he’d like to see back on the ice: Older model DN iceboat for sale; includes hull, plank, mast, boom, sail & bag, runners & box; located in Casco, ME & available for review … Continue reading →
  • C Skeeter Plans now Available
    Pat Heppart has finished drafting details of his awesome boat DRIFTR, and has put the plans out there for one and all. All he wants in return is a good race! The one we built here in Maine last year … Continue reading →
  • Sideboards and Steering
    On those days when the tide’s not right for catching clams, Bryce is making good headway on his Whizz. It’s tempting when she’s all framed up to go ahead and start the planking but it really pays to do all … Continue reading →
  • Peter McGowan Remembers His First Time
    You might have already seen this on the NEIYA site, but it’s really good, so read it again! We’ve all been there. Thanks, Peter, for taking the time to put this together. Very inspiring. New post on New England Ice … Continue reading →
  • Whizz Building
    Michel Frechette of Magog is coming along very well on his new Whizz. He wanted to feel the bounce, so set it up in the driveway on his DN plank. The rakish nose block is a nice touch. And just … Continue reading →
  • Whizz #21
    Bernard Lavoie is making great progress on the first of two boat he plans to have ready for next season. He loaded the drawings into a CAD program, and judging by the fairness of his fuselage it was worth the … Continue reading →
  • Some New Whizz
    Bryce Geele, not far from the shore of Damariscotta Lake, is making good progress on his new Whizz, sail number 21. After winning the Cheapskate Championship he has set his sights on a greater challenge. The CIBC did not manage … Continue reading →
  • Cal Smith’s book and Doc Fellows papers
    Llewellyn Howland’s excellent nautical book and ephemera catalog has a copy of Calhoun Smith’s book “Ice Boating”, 1962. It’s a beautiful book, with state of the art technical details as well as a rich discussion of ice boating history. The … Continue reading →
  • CIBC Spring Meeting Minutes
    Thanks to new secretary Curtis Rindlaub, C Skeeter INDIGO, for putting together these minutes. Enjoy! Chickawaukee Ice Boat Club Spring meeting April 14, 2018 Damariscotta Lake Farm Inn Minutes by Curtis Rindlaub, secretary President Bill Buchholz summarized the season as … Continue reading →
  • Iceboat Project: Free
    As they say, it might be free, but it aint gonna be cheap. This old Yankee is resting in Rochester, New Hampsire. Plank, masts, chocks, runners, no springboard, no sail. Contact Paul Denero: 603-770-3310 <fiddler_pad>