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  • Starts
    David Ross sent this comment about how we arranged the starts at the landsailing regatta. Any other thoughts? I’ve been wanting to write you the last post, and starting in particular. I think your diagnosis of the outsized importance of … Continue reading →
  • CIBC Archives Into Books
    There might come a day when we go to our web site and the archives are gone. The site itself might be gone as well. Huwei could buy wordpress, which would make us a national security risk, next thing you … Continue reading →
  • Loring 2020 Final Standings
    Thanks so much to Karen Binder for putting some order to this craziness: Click on image to enlarge: Full results in spreadsheet format here. Loring Regatta.xlsx
  • Regarding the Starts
    We did two types of starts this past weekend. In light to moderate air we did a dial-up start, which is similar to soft water starts. The boats get into a counter-clockwise rotation while there is a horn at three … Continue reading →
  • videos and photos from the regatta
    hangar door opening https://youtu.be/kmK3-jRWNV0 https://youtu.be/y044e4yYhjM start of a race George Wiliams photos https://www.dropbox.com/sh/y3bpk2ydszpr5x8/AACvBH_ONkZ7_KFtrK_ybTSUa?dl=0 https://youtu.be/2rqW6NK23j8 the view from Jim Turner’s Cheapskate on roller blades. And George wanted the limrick: There once was an airbase called Loring, Who lay there quiet and … Continue reading →
  • Loring Landsailing 2020
    Land yachts have never taken off here in the East for the simple fact that there’s no good place to sail. The West has deserts and dry lake beds, Europe has big tides and hard beaches that have universal public … Continue reading →
  • Loring Landsailing 2020 ON
    First race Friday at 9:30. PRO Karen Binder will keep us on our toes from then on out, getting in as many races as conditions allow. We will finish the regatta when 1) there is no more wind: 2) our … Continue reading →
  • Two Weeks to Loring 2020
    With only a couple of weeks to go and a wind forecast yesterday of NW 15-20 it seemed to be a good idea to have another course scouting R&D mission. Mission Accomplished: https://youtu.be/VjiLp2-1U_E The schedule is from Friday until Sunday … Continue reading →
  • A Flying Land Yacht?
    Or is it a wind powered air plane? You decide: https://www.facebook.com/martinrclanchas/videos/3691696017525148 What could we do with modern materials and aerodynamic knowledge? You might need to scroll up the video to get around the facebook promo.
  • Blokart Deal
    The head of Blokart, Inc, in New Zealand would have come all the way to Maine for the regatta if not for the challenge of travel in these times. But he is offering a great deal on a new Blokart. … Continue reading →