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  • Furry Fat Lady Sings Encore
    She sings it in French just so Frank and Denis will understand. There’s also a bit of confusion in the eyes of the furry soprano because there’s supposed to be a shadow somewhere that will indicate if spring has indeed … Continue reading →
  • She’s Sung
    No one has accused the CIBC of not pushing conditions right to the limit. We’ve had some fabulous sails over the years on super marginal conditions. But today the limit pushed back. The plate took a hit from the sun … Continue reading →
  • Moosehead Ice
    It ain’t pretty, but it’ll get ‘er done, as Dave says. Up close, there’s a thin layer of fresh snow in places but the sun will be working hard on that all day. Will be interesting to see how it … Continue reading →
  • Maine State Championship 2018
    I have just received a call from Bill, and the report is that there is ice. With Bill’s experience, and measurements of the ice condition we are scheduling the Maine State Championship for Saturday. Bill has checked the North and … Continue reading →
  • Hail Mary Regatta
    There has been some interest in holding a regatta on Moosehead Lake this Saturday. The forecast trend isn’t perfect, but it might be good enough depending on what the structure of the surface is now. We are sending a scout … Continue reading →
  • Sorry, This is Gonna Hurt
    I was wrong earlier with my rabbit-out-of-a-hat magic metaphor. This was sound science, not magic or a stroke of luck. It’s the result of watching countless weather forecasts, trying to average them out, and getting solid intel from on the … Continue reading →
  • More From Quebec
    That last post went out without the picture, and the name of the lake is Lac St. Francois, in Lambton. Guess that tune: Everybody’s talkin at me, I don’t hear a word they’re saying, only the echoes of the ice. … Continue reading →
  • Nice Day For A Sail
    Frank and Denis have pulled another rabbit out of the hat. It wet out Friday, froze yesterday and last night. Some shell ice but nothing too bad so far. Quebec is expecting a week of crazy weather, so this plate … Continue reading →
  • Pushaw Done
    Sixteen inches, but going fast in warming trend. Pit area rotting out. Very sailable at freezing temps, but they are becoming scarce. Up close with the surface, prepared by Jackson Pollack. Look up, look north. Denis is watching Lac St. … Continue reading →
  • CIBC Spring Meeting This Weekend
    We’ve had to schedule the meeting on a Saturday this year because the hall is fully booked on Sundays. So don’t forget, this SATURDAY, meeting at 11:00, potluck lunch to follow. Ice check of Damariscotta Lake could be informative. Damariscotta … Continue reading →