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  • Sailing Today
    Apologies to anyone who came to Megunticook only to find no one there, Double apologies if you actually set up and sailed that crap. One run across the broads early in the morning was enough to make the call to … Continue reading →
  • Sailing Friday
    Chickawaukee was the hoped for plate over the past few days, but today lt looks like Megunticook has better potential. Chicky might grade at a 2, but Megunticook rates a 3.5. It won’t be any worse than some of the … Continue reading →
  • Tunk Lake Weekend
    How wonderful that after such a long drought we get two fabulous sailing days on a weekend. Saturday came with a dusting of snow and greater wind than forecast, and by Sunday that snow had begun to drift up and … Continue reading →
  • Tunk Lake
    The nice grey ice received 3/8″ snow last night, some of which began to blow away. The wind came on stronger than forecast. The middle of the lake is an archipelago of open water but can be circumnavigated with attention … Continue reading →
  • Tunk Lake
    It’s a bit touch and go with the snow in the forecast but a few boats will set up in the morning and see what can be made of it. If the snow is minimal, then Sunday will be the … Continue reading →
  • Tunk Lake
    Down beyond Ellsworth, one of the deepest lakes in Maine has been the place to skate for over a week. The ice last weekend was super black, and then the ice storm on Monday dumped ice. It leveled out to … Continue reading →
  • Lake Mahopac, NY
    This lake is just off I-84 in southern NY state. A couple of DN’s sailed it yesterday, and now they are waiting to see what the storm does. Preliminary analysis says that a light dusting is all there is. Bob … Continue reading →
  • Sailing Webster Today
    Bob Strezelewicz and John Raul ripped it up on Webster today. Bob scouted it a couple of days ago and found a nice plate. Here’s his report: “John Raul got out for the first time in 3 years. The ice … Continue reading →
  • Take a Ride with Karol Jablonski
    Karol’s Winning Moves in the DN Ice Yacht – YouTube Karol takes you lap by lap through a DN race and explains exactly why he makes the moves he does. Great lessons as well for those who don’t race but … Continue reading →
  • On Ice
    Ken Smith demystifies why runners work on ice but not other hard surfaces, concrete, for example, in the latest issue of Runner Tracks. Fascinating. 2021 February Runner Tracks Newsletter – DN North America Not much to report for sailing ice. … Continue reading →