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  • Swap Meet and Meeting October 28
    The New England Ice Yacht Association annual meeting and swap meet is a bit earlier this year, a mere five weeks out. That still should be plenty of time to round up your old gear, boats and a couple of … Continue reading →
  • Skeeter Projects
    We have three interesting Skeeter projects under way for this season. These are all C Skeeters; no one has stepped up yet to build a new A Skeeter. The C class is intended to yield a boat that is more … Continue reading →
  • CIBC Cheapskate Trophy
    The “Cheapskate Commodore” is humbled by the generosity of Bunting for donating this elegant trophy. I wasn’t sure whether the trophy included Junior the dozer as a stand. We will likely need a committee to do the annual polishing. The … Continue reading →
  • For All Your IceBoat Banking Needs
  • Memory’s Lost and Found
    Memory’s lost and found When the days so clearly shorten And the morning air is chill And though summer’s toys are handy they have somehow lost their thrill It’s then my mind starts rovin’ And my heart begins to glow … Continue reading →
  • Looking Forward To The Coming Season
    Many of you are members of the NEIYA and will already have received these compelling words from John Stanton, but for those who aren’t, here you go. Respond to this post by replying above this line New post on New … Continue reading →
  • Cheapskate’s New Auld Cup
    The Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club has been offered the gift of a trophy cup for its flotilla of Cheapskate ice boats from W. H “Bill” Bunting, a long-time club member, and skipper of the Nite-class ice boat # 86,“Red Herring.” … Continue reading →
  • Summer Visit to Nova Scotia
    SUMMER VISIT TO NOVA SCOTIA       Eben, Eric and I made our summer trek to Nova Scotia last week. Like all of our summer visits to NS very enjoyable, and filling. The order of events is approximate, and … Continue reading →
  • Meade Gougeon
    Meade Alger Gougeon September 25, 1938 – August 27, 2017 Rest with Fair Winds
  • Image For Cool Nights
    Thanks, Bill Bunting, for sending this: We’re not sure about this, but it would appear that the timer was having a Pleasant Moment…