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  • Sailing in Quebec
    Frank and Denis found some joy on Lac St. Francois over the past couple of days: We waited for the wind all morning, but it was really dead. So we skated to check the shell ice spots of yesterday, and … Continue reading →
  • Sun & Slush on South End Of Damariscotta
    One of the reasons we decided to try this new launch site is because the club wants to keep as low profile as possible at Lake Farm. We’ll be back there once the ground is frozen and we can drive … Continue reading →
  • Calendar Pic
      A few weeks ago when scouting for ice I stopped at Jordans store on the southwest side of Sebago Lake. While visiting with Jeff and Greg and telling then how fantastic it would be if the big part of … Continue reading →
  • Damariscotta Lake ON for Tomorrow, new launch site!
    Another wonderful day on Meginticook. A long tour of the north end with the obligatory rounding of Cam’s Sauna, and then sailing laps around a few of the islands in the Broads after lunch. The temps held just below freezing, … Continue reading →
  • Megunticook Scores a Ten
    Light air and dreamy ice today on Megunticook. The wind blew north 5+ for most of the day, but the old saying “good ice adds 5mph to the wind speed” took it up to ten. So there we were sailing … Continue reading →
  • Megunticook ON
    Excellent recovery, Very High Grade #, some small drain holes. Dammy might be as good, but the winds are better along the coast. Setting up as we speak. Beware the stream inlet at Bog Bridge to your left facing out.
  • Sebago, 2-21-18
    I do this ice report as I attempt to finish what I have started I started out scouting Sebago Lake for possible DN racing space. What I found was miles of snow covered ice that has completely wet out from … Continue reading →
  • Toss-Up
    Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink. So says the ancient mariner. It might as well have been the ancient Mainer. Many of the critical lakes have wetted out beautifully. Moosehead and South Twin still are snow but … Continue reading →
  • A New Life for an Old Boat
    Lance Bennet always wanted a bubble boat to add to his fleet, so when Pete Rochelle’s old A Skeeter came along he decided to cut it down into a more manageable C Skeeter size. The plank went from 22′ to … Continue reading →
  • Damariscotta Lake Web Cam is Back
    damar.jpg 2,400×1,348 pixels Thanks to Court Dwyer for hosting it for us and Ryan Haskell for the installation. Let’s all enjoy watching the snow melt this week as temps soar…