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  • Winnipesaukee Possibility
    This just in from Charlie Sylvenius: Lee and I are shooting for Winni over the next couple of days. Squambats sailing today gave it a ten with corn ice through the broads up to Center Harbor. Ames and Elacoya are … Continue reading →
  • Opera ON Pushaw Tomorrow
    Bob Lombardo and Ron Logan checked in this morning with glowing reports on the conditions at Pushaw. In spite of the less than frigid temps last night the surface firmed right up beautiful. Looks like Monday Tuesday and possibly Wednesday … Continue reading →
  • Fat Lady Hums 3/20
    The wind came up right on schedule and continued to build throughout the day. The ice, though, didn’t stand a chance. It was forty degrees by noon and getting soft. But the slush wasn’t that deep and long plate runners … Continue reading →
  • Dammy 3/19
    Remember that card from Monopoly that said “Bank error in your favor, round Go”? Today it was “Weather forecast error in your favor: just Go!” And GO we did. Ten to fifteen with gusts out of the west all day. … Continue reading →
  • Sailing Damariscotta 3/17 & 18
    The drain holes from yesterday froze hard last night and gave us a go fast go far surface over the entire lake. The ice stayed hard throughout both days, with temps just over freezing, although it was just soft enough … Continue reading →
  • Drain holes on Damariscotta lake
    Dammy is a mine field of drain holes. BEWARE.
  • Damariscotta Lake ON
    The water has drained and evaporated away and left behind granular ice. The surface is rather hard today, with areas of soft stuff but by tomorrow will be good to go. Certainly by Monday the cold in the teens forecast … Continue reading →
  • Damariscotta Wet Out
    Sensors indicate a nicely evolving surface. The forecast for rain has been reduced to showers, which will be fine because too much rain won’t do us any good, especially as the temps Saturday night are not super cold. But by … Continue reading →
  • Slush Runners
    There have been a few questions about slush runners recently as the spring sailing season heats up. Denis Guertin shared these photos of his building process. The edge is 1″ stainless angle, nicely polished. Northwind Iceboats supplies these pre bent. … Continue reading →
  • Chickawaukee Ice
    Two inches of snow over two inches of slush over thick wonderful ice. x