Ice Boat Videos

Whizz Iceboating Lake Damariscotta Jan 2017
by  Denis Guertin

DN World Gold Cup Championship 2015, Kingston Ontario
By Rejean Lemay

Ray Ruge’s new Skeeter:
Francis Hagarty’s movies of Ray Ruge and his radical new Skeeter, built by Hagarty. A number of boats were built to this design, one of which sails in Maine with the CIBC

E Skeeter Iceboat racing with Ray Ruge:
Francis Hagarty’s home movie featuring Ray Ruge and some fantastic iceboat racing footage.

Monotype XV Fast Piece of Furniture on Lake Chicawaukee:

Mike Acebo tours Lake Damariscotta’s southern end:

Jory Squibb philosophying on ice, and Damariscotta sailing:

Megunticook passage, wing mast in action:

Rough spring ice on Damariscotta:

Long tour of Lake Megunticook:

Moosehead Lake the Long Way, April 2013:

1938 film of iceboat racing in Germany, featuring a Monotype regatta:

Have a little time? Watch them all:

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