Our Favorite Links

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Connecticut Ice Yacht Association (Bantam Lake, CT)

Eastern Yankee Association International

HRIYC.ORG, Hudson River River Ice Yacht Club

Yahoo Iceboat Group

DN Ice Yacht Racing Association (IDNIYRA)

International Skeeter Association

International Renegade Association

New England Ice Yacht Association

North Shrewsbury, NJ Ice Yacht Club

Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club

Wisconsin Stern Steerers Association


Swedish Ice Sailing Federation

International Monotype-XV Ice Yacht Racing Assoc.

Bob Dill’s (VT) Lake Ice

Nova Scotia Ice Yacht Club

Black Ice, the Official NEIYA Newsletter

Lake Ronkonkoma Ice and yacht Club

5 Responses to Our Favorite Links

  1. Matthias Krueger says:

    Hi, do you know this film from 1941 ice sailing in East Prussia?

    Best regards from Germany, Matthias

  2. iceratz says:

    Hey guys, I wrote an iceboard poem!

    My blades hisssss in silence,
    melting ice with magic grooves.
    The ice is black and fast,
    I hear every move.
    The board turns sharply now,
    with silence in the sail.
    My blades sounding more,
    as thin ice pings its wail.
    The tracks run so smooth,
    speed seems too easy.
    The blades melting grooves,
    this seems so dreamy.
    Whats that crack?
    Do I dare look back?
    Just glide on past,
    Having a wicked blast! :)

  3. Michael Young says:

    Jeff Roseberry is skating Tunk Lake reporting 4″ of black ice with some funky ridges and a couple of big patches of open water. Sorry i cant get his photo to up load.

  4. David Welch says:

    Where can I get my runners sharpened. I live in New Brunswick and just purchased a used DN from Nova Scotia.

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