by Warner St. Clair and Lloyd Roberts

THINK ICE is hands down the definitive book on DN tuning, racing and sailing. But for anyone contemplating getting into the sport with any kind of iceboat, or even better, having already bought or built a boat and now needs to know how to sail it, will find all they need to know in this one slim volume. Updated with instructive commentary by many top-flight iceboat sailors.

Price Twenty ($20.00) dollars, free shipping. Send it to:

Jim Gagnon,Treasurer
PO Box 463
West Boothbay Harbor, ME 04575

3 Responses to THINK ICE

  1. Richard Lewis says:

    Hi people.I have just been reading through your stuff about your ice sailing.I am a British sailor and boat builder.I was just looking out of curiosity.I am completely fascinated by all that it entails,like checking the ice etc almost like checking sea state.And your boats are beautiful.I was really surprised about the Optimist class.I didn’t know about them,well obviously the waterborne class(how I learnt).One day I’ll do it.Not much ice in the UK.At least now I know all your names!!

  2. Dennis S. Jewell says:

    Great article in the Waterville Morning Sentinel. Am interested in learnning more. I build boats, canoes, furniture etc. and have always had an interest in ice boating. I have the “Wooden Boat” articles and have the pages dog eard. Now that I am retired, I think it is time. My grandson would love to operate one. Have fun.

  3. J Kevin White says:

    i moved to maine in 1973 to build boats, which i did for a number of years. i then turned back to photography, just retiring this past year. going by chicly a week or more ago i saw all of the ice boats on the lake and knew i had to do that. i got all the materials, sail and spars and began construction on the cheapskate. that was sunday….monday i fell on the ice shattering my wrist and will have plenty of time to study this book before next winter. in the meantime i will sail vicariously by reading cibc posts on line. thanks.

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