Sailing locations

While Lake Chickawaukee in Rockport is our home ice, we benefit from a large variety of lakes and ponds within an hour’s drive. Each has it’s own micro climate such that if one lake is snowed out another may have been rained on and re-frozen. Our greatest asset as a club is our network of ice spies. Finding, checking on and reporting sailable ice both for cruising and racing is the foundation of ice boating as a group.

Chickie tends to get rain when others further inland get snow. It is easy to check, and mark hazzards, and makes an excellent racing venue. Access from Roberts Beach, with the fire pit and full sun, is easy and hospitable.,-69.113399&spn=0.01854,0.043988&z=15

 Damariscotta Lake is our local “big ice”.  Its combination of wide open space and intimate coves and islands make it a favorite.

Plymouth Pond is about an hour north and is generally the first to freeze. It is behind a ridge separating it from the warm influence of the ocean, and is rather shallow. We watch this one very closely in early December.

Lake Megunticook can be more fickle, with  inconsistent ice early in the season and tricky winds, but the raw beauty of the surroundings, sunny lees for lunches, and serpentine passages all create a very special sailing experience. Access is excellent from rt. 105 three miles outside of Camden.

There are a handfull of others:  St. George,  Alford, Pemequid, Unity, Clary, Walker, and of course the mighty Sebago, as well as numerous frog ponds too small for boats, but suitable for SkimBats and skating.

We report it all here!