Maine Lakes Tutorial

Here’s a fascinating list of Maine’s biggest lakes, along with the geologic history and recreational opportunities. Suffice it to say that iceboating is not one of the winter sports listed.

Looks like less than freezing temps have decided to hang around a bit longer. Perhaps they feel nervous migrating south the way they usually do at this time of year. Can’t say I blame them…

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Ice in Quebec!

Denis Guertin reports that behind the Covid Curtain two of our favorite early season lakes will be sailable any day now.

The larger of the two, Abenakis, above,is a bit of a mess, but just down the road and a bit higher is Lac Joli:

Denis says:

“What a better way to wish you Happy Thanksgiving than sending you pictures of frozen lakes.
Abenakis seems not safe. Cannot access it from the shore, and visible hazards from the shore.
Joli seems quite solid. I walked on it, and hit the surface with a hammer (drill battery was too low!!) , and it was very solid.
Unfortunately, there are very mild temps coming up, but I am confident that Joli will survive very well. At least, it will wet out the snow and resurface the ice. Maybe sailing late next week??

It seems that YOU may be the first ones to be sad about the closed border !! But make no mistakes: I am very sad also !!”

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The autumnal tease begins. Ice has come and gone in shady corners of local lakes. The rain barrel has had up to an inch of black ice and each morning on the way past I’d give it a whack just to see it crack. So in spite of the nice Indian summer we’re heading in the right direction. Be thankful for that! The warm weather has been a guilty pleasure for long enough.

Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Ice Thinking!

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Pocket Skeeter For Sale

Here’s a lightweight, DN powered, fast and comfortable Pocket Skeeter. Fuselage and springboard 75#. Glass/carbon mast, 1DL full power sail. Flat bottom makes for easy car topping.



Harken blocks, tapered sheet, cam cleat, foot steering.

Lumbar supported recumbent seating, trunk behind for lunch, spares and throw rope.

Sarns 30″ black beauty plates sharpened and aligned, Hamel super chocks. Includes dolly and cockpit cover. Plank tuned for 150-170# skipper, can be made stiffer if desired. In Maine, $3500.00. Contact Bill: 207-975-6980

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The Dammy Cam is Back!

Thanks to the great efforts of CIBC Tech Guru Ryan Haskell and the generosity of Camp Wavus we now have an awesome view of Damariscotta Lake. Watch it freeze!

Go to the web site and find it under the web cam header.

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