Winni The Third Day

Well, the third day started like the second day just a light breeze enough to get you out there. The DN’s were tuned and race ready and made good work out of the light air. You can really tell who keeps there boat tuned when the winds are not. As Leo would say “ in light wind know your boat in heavy wind know the rules”
Today we had 28 boats, as I counted, on the ice. The MIT DN team shower up and made a good showing. About 1:00 someone flipped the switch and we had wind, the speeds increased and hiking began it was a great feeling to be at it again. The marks had been set and some races were held but I’m not sure of any of the results.
There was a professional photographer on site who I was able to make contact with and hope to receive some pics from, (for a later post). By 3:00 wind was dying and the ice on the small 3” cracks which was 5” in the morning was now down to 1/4” a DN sailor directly in front of me hit one parallel and dropped a runner through (no damage no harm) my signal to call it a day. Most people were starting to pack up and pull off the ice in anticipation of the change in weather. A few boats were planning on sailing the morning wind today as the forecast was for good in front of rain.
At this point, it is only rain in the forecast so stay tuned for a chance at Winni 2. Note: The mystery man on crutches was not a sailing incident.

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We’re sailing today and tomorrow here on Lake Winnipesaukee at Ellacoya State Park, Gilford NH. The winds are light and variable but sailable. Better forecast for tomorrow. There are currently 24 boats on the ice and the marks have been set up.
The ice is in great shape 5 to 5.5 inches, multiple pressure ridges between lager plates of smooth snow ice. Plenty of room for everyone. Lots of skaters and a few kite sailors.
As I type the wind is beginning to build as it did yesterday at this time and the boats are heading out on the ice. Saturday’s forecast is for rain /snow coming in late afternoon but good wind in the morning.

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New post Big Ice on Winni! Cruising and Racing on Miles of Ice…

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NEIYA Admin posted: ”

Spread the word. There is big ice on Winnipasauki launching from Ellacoya State Park.

The area has been skated and sailed with a consistent 4 – 5 inches (3.6 to 10.2 cm) over the areas that were checked. As you can see there is a nice smo”

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Big Ice on Winni! Cruising and Racing on Miles of Ice…

by NEIYA Admin

Winni off Ellacoya 1-21-20 Winni off Ellacoya 1-21-20 Winni off Ellacoya 1-21-20

Spread the word. There is big ice on Winnipasauki launching from Ellacoya State Park.

The area has been skated and sailed with a consistent 4 – 5 inches (3.6 to 10.2 cm) over the areas that were checked. As you can see there is a nice smooth milky surface with some black ice. This is a big plate of ice and there are pressure ridges present and forming, cracks and other hazards lurking. Heads up out there. Talk to people who have been out and buddy up.

We are expecting sailors from the southern iceboat reaches of NJ, Long Island, and CT and to our Northern neighbors who have expressed a strong interest in making the drive south. Bienvenue et nous nous réjouissons de partager notre glace.

A team will be on the ice tomorrow late morning to do a deeper check. We expect to be sailing this plate for the next few days or at least till the snow comes in and makes a mess of things on Saturday.

Come out and play there is a racing event in the works likely Thursday and I know lots of cruisers, boards and skaters. Big ice for all to enjoy.

Additional information on lodging and evening refreshments and dining TBD.

Please leave a comment below if you intend on coming or leave a note in the forum section for more general questions.

Think Big Ice and see you there,


P.S. If you are new or interested in the short of iceboating Thursday would be a good time to come.

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Checking Ice

As we all should know, scouting unknown ice with snow on it is very risky. The only way to tell if there are holes or cracks is to look for the wet snow. But if there’s a drain hole with a half inch of ice on it you won’t see it.
We found eight inches of ice at the Vannah Road launch, and based on what we know of that part of the lake we felt confident heading out. If we had found only four inches we might have decided not to go with boats, but walk or skate.

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Ice Roundup

We’ve been trying to get something going these past few days. The super warm day Saturday put us in a good position for getting the ice back. Sunday looked promising on Chicawaukee so we went for a scout at the south end and discovered the eight inches had been reduced to between 2.5 and 3.5″ There were a few skimmed drain holes. It was a bit thicker in the middle, and up to 5″ at the north end. The big open holes were still there, and had become larger.

Jory and I decided to check it with boats, launching from Lloyd’s Beach. His front lawn was barely frozen but we managed to drive down without causing too much damage. The wind was light to non-existent, but the ice was very smooth, an easy 8, so we ghosted around checking things and wondering if we should call it on for Tuesday.

Considering the access, and the wind and snow forecast we decided not to. But we left the boats on the ice anyway only to find them covered in the morning with a half inch of snow.

Bob MacKewen always has his nose to the ground and showed up, as did a moderate little breeze, so the two Min Skeeters swapped tacks while the Lake Pocket Skeeter, above, had a nice shake-down. The wind died around noon, so Bob checked Vannah Rd on his way home and found there what we had under the snow on Chickie: some real nice ice.

But like a broken record Damariscotta got an inch of snow last night and there was no wind today, in spite of a big wind forecast. We got suckered into setting up and pushing out anyway by a little rusting of the grass on the bank. We could feel it on our faces, but out a hundred yards there was nothing but a nap in the sun.

We put it down to a road breeze: the black asphalt was heating up causing the air above it to rise, thereby drawing air in from the lake. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.
Sadly, even with the snow we would have been able to scout the south end fairly well.

And now there’s even more snow on the way with deep cold to follow, not the most auspicious conditions. But we shouldn’t feel to bad. The DN North Americans might have to move to Montana or the Dakotas due to snow in the Mid West. Who doesn’t love the drama of this sport?

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Got Ice?

Quabog Pond is now back to its un-natural state, meaning that you can dip a cup and drink it. Same with Webster Lake. Many lakes in northern New England have wet out, so something might come up. Locally, there might be good ice for the next three days, but the wind is taking a break. We will check Damariscotta tomorrow and report here.

The ISA has been postponed yet again, but the North American DN Championship is a go. There is always good ice somewhere, and those guys will find it! Get out the DN, sign up, gas up, and come racing.

This photo might be a cheap shot right about now, but it’s just a reminder to keep the faith. This is how good it can be. Remember?

If you know of any good possibilities please report here, or to John Stanton at the NEIYA. Many eyes will get us on the ice.

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Quabog Today

For the fifth day in a row the little pond is still great. A totally different surface, but the ice is was still good. Some new boats and faces made for yet more good times.

J.P Gervolino had his wing boat going. Good thing he wasn’t there the other day!

Looks like a beautifully built boat; let’s hope we see more of him this season.

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