Contact update

BB’s full email for the BloKart deal is ccsailors at gmail dot com. Phone 774 212 0014

Don’t forget, this is the SMALL runway!

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Special, limited time BloKart Offer

Between now and the start of the Eastern Landsailing Championships at Loring Air Base September 13-18, you can have a brand new BloKart with free delivery and a free pod. The pod is what separates the production from the performance Kart and makes the yacht faster and more comfortable. Enjoy a savings of $825.00!

Contact BB at cclsailors.

While you’re mulling it over, or while you’re putting your event registration in the mail here’s a lesson on what can happen if your main sheet gets jammed:

CHiPs – S01E17 Scene 1 – YouTube

Credit Joe Gervolino

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Eastern Landsailing Championships 2022

Dear Sailors,
Here’s the schedule for the upcoming regatta.

Tuesday September 13- Sunday September 18. Landsailing at Loring Air Base, Limestone, Maine. Three racing classes: Blokart lightweight, BloKart Heavy, and Unlimited, which includes DN’s.

Tuesday, open day of free sailing and scratch racing

Wednesday and Thursday: depending on wind, timed speed runs, tentatively a flying mile on the big runway. Trophy for fastest time in all three classes. Open flight line touring as well, with at least one Tour de Base race.

Thursday night, dinner at Northern Maine Brewing Company, Caribou, 6:00.

Friday, racing in all classes.

Saturday, racing in all three classes, cookout dinner in the pit area.

Sunday, racing in the morning, no starts past noon unless needed to get in the regatta, that being a minimum of five races per class.

Accommodations at The Bunker Inn on base, or Caribou Inn and Suites, Caribou. Bunker Inn serves breakfast Fri, Sat and Sun.

Schedule subject to change due to wind and weather.

Registration for all six days, $100.00. Please send it, along with class, sail number and weight (if BloKart) to:

Bill Buchholz
31 Gosses Hill Rd.
Camden, ME

Think Asphalt!

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24 Hour Record Run at Loring

Here’s the video of BB’s 21.5 hour record beating sail:

Thanks to Mike Dinning for putting this together, not to mention his BB support throughout the attempt.

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Racing on the Flight Line

Our fifth, can you believe it, landsailing regatta is booked at Loring for Wednesday September 14 through Sunday September 18. Everything will be pretty much as last time, but details will be posted here as the date approaches. It would be very helpful at this end for planning purposes if all registrations were in by August 15. Fees are fully refundable if you can’t make it at the last minute.
Still a bargain at a hundred bucks. Please include sail number and class.class. Weight if sailing BloKarts.

Bill Buchholz
31 Gosses Hill Rd.
Camden, ME 04843

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