More on Hal Chamberlain’s B Skeeter

This from Fred Greis:

These pics are from when we set it up last year out at Mike’s marina. I acquired it from a club member who was moving south. Mike Acebo and I have more pics of the boat/ trailer. The trailer is amazing. The most custom and purpose built I have seen. It needs some tlc but it is just wonderful. It has a bunch of placards and decals from event that the couple attended around the world. Trailer and boat must never be separated. This boat has a deep profile glass mast. It’s a two seater and has a unique brass mechanism to move the helm from one side of the cockpit to the other. She is a sweet two seat B and would be an easy boat to set up. It is currently shrink wrapped at the marina on eastern Long Island.

Contact George Neyssen at 203-361-7642.

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Classic Skeeter for Sale

Well known Ice Boat “HICDIC” is for sale. A classic and high performing New England Skeeter previously owned by Past NEIYA Commodore Hal Chamberlain. Complete with his fully equipped trailer, which he took to Siberia in 1989. Equipped with a composite mast and the very unique translating steering wheel, able to be positioned on either side of the two place cockpit. Currently located in Greenport, NY. Priced at $3500.
Contact George Neyssen at 203-361-7642.

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Jack Ripp

Long time Wisconsin iceboater Jack Ripp died recently. Here’s a clip from ABC’s Wide World of Sports reporting from the 1966 Northwest Regatta which Jack won.

His life long friend and racing nemesis Bill Mattison was by his side (as he was during many close finishes) in the final moments, discussing past racing and iceboats. That’s the way life should be.

More about Jack at

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Farewell to Roger Livingston

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Farewell to Roger Livingston

by NEIYA Admin

It is with a heavy heart that I must relay the recent passing of one of our ice boating brothers, Roger Livingston.

Roger kept an eye on Webster lake for all of us and made sure there was access at the Webster Sailing Association’s parking, ramp, and clubhouse. He was a seasoned iceboater and always found time to help and advise new sailors.

Roger was one of the few people I knew who could actually pronounce Webster lake’s real name Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg.

Roger’s official notice Here

We woud like to put together a collection our memories of Roger. Please leave a comment here, the comments link below or drop me an email. I will pull everything together and post in a couple days.

Roger sheet in and Sail Fast on miles of black ice and know we will think of you everytime we sail Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg. Hopefully we will be able to sail all three sections in your honor next year.

Think Ice,

John Stanton
NEIYA Vice Commodore

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Thin Ice, in a good way

A nice way to cool down on these hot days, as well to learn something about ice dynamics. Enjoy!

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Great Deal on a DN


Great entry level cruising boat.

Bright varnish hull with longer and wider cockpit.

Heavy duty plank: Alumitron chocks.

Aluminum spars, 2 mainsails (1 Bossett, 1 Shore) 1 storm sail.

Harken blocks, 3 sets of runners.

New cover and seat cushion.

Stored indoors, mooring stands, many extras.


(Leave message, phone number)

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Happy Summer Solstice

While most people celebrate the Solstice as the beginning of summer, we iceboaters know that what it actually means is the the days will now begin to get shorter. And when they get really short, and the bugs are gone, the long cold nights will begin to make ice. The 2020 season will be upon us.

Bob MacEwan will be ready with his new Mini-Skeeter. Nice pant job Bob!

Chris Malliet isn’t far behind with his new Mini-S build. Let’s plan on some spirited racing, gentlemen! We’re still waiting for some one to fit a Mini-Skeeter with a modern DN rig…

Here’s an interesting take on slush runners. The common variety is simply made from a ninety degree stainless angle. Another way is to use hard coated aluminum hex stock sliced down the middle, glued to a wood body, and the 120 degree edge facing the ice.

It bends much easier than the angle and fairs nicely into the forward curve of the body. The larger angle should support the boat better on the slush, but will there be enough “bite” to prevent excessive leeway? A big Yankee had a set of these some years ago and was apparently very satisfied with their performance. This set is for Breck Holladay’s Nite so we’ll have a good report sometime around next April.

And lastly, this tidbit from Father’s Day:

What do you call a Dad who goes through a hole in the ice?

A Popsicle…..

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