Fall Meetings and Swap Meet

With today being the last day of Summer, if you have not started thinking about Ice boating then the time has come. The NEIYA Annual Meeting Swap Meet and Luncheon will be on Saturday, November 2, 2019, in Hudson MA. Remember the new venue, same as last year. Parking lot activities generally begin around 10 am with lunch at noon. The full schedule of activities will be released in a couple weeks.

Hudson-Concord Elks Hall
99 Park Street, Hudson, MA 01749

And as always, The CIBC Fall Meeting will be at Dave Fortier’s house in Biddeford, Maine, Sunday November 3. Meeting at 11:00 sharp and fabulous pot luck lunch to follow.

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South Bay Scooter

Here’s a Scooter reported to be in excellent condition. Great deal to the right home.

> On-the-Edge, Sail No 808.

> Built 1962 by W H Harless.
> Ian McColough
> 917-826-1213

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DN Powered Mini Skeeter

Mike Acebo has finished his Mini Skeeter with a DN rig. It puts it in the class of the small BDX boats. Watch out, Kate!

The standard MS ends right behind the seat, so Mike added a stern so there was a place to mount the sheet blocks. Aside from that, the mast step and plank are are same distance from each other as the DN.

Mike now will focus full time on the C Skeeter build so it’s ready for the ISA in January.

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WHIZZ For Sale

Whizz #3 THUMBS UP, built by Roger Livingston. In trailer, ready to go. Three sets of runners, full and storm sail.

Aircraft style foot steering. Aluminum mast, fuselage dolly, spare tires for trailer. $3500.00

Located in Worchester, MA write: Sally Mitchell <smitchell355> smitchell355
Call 508-852-3363

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Cool Trailer

As anyone who sails an iceboat larger than a DN will tell you, the trailer is a critical part of the program. Once you have it on the ice all the gear is out there and the boat becomes very easy to move out and set up. A trailer that’s light as possible allows you to simply back it onto the ice, un-hitch, and roll it away to some spot that’s NOT in the direct path of the next guy or gal moving their trailer down. At the end of the day all your gear goes in there and all you need to take back to the car is your lunch box. And if the sailing’s all done, when you get home with the trailer it’s just a matter of un-hitching and going inside for refreshment.

With that in mind, Denis Guertin built a new trailer and shares the process:

You will see a new trailer on the ice next season. Whizz #10 has a new custom built trailer to travel many times from Quebec, we hope! The first goal was to build a much lighter trailer than the previous one. The frame is all aluminum: 2 x 6 channel side beams and 3” angles for the middle cross bars, as well as the top structure which is all 1¼” aluminum square tubing.

All the gear has its dedicated place inside the trailer, with all the hooks, brackets and rubber bands to hold it in place while traveling the fabulous roads in the Jackman area!!

The skin is PVC canvas with coroplast (corrugated plastic) panels under it to add some solid but still light stuff behind the fabric.

The problem with the coroplast was to tighten the screws without crushing the material. Small plastic tabs were inserted in the coroplast where screws has to be tightened.

A roof rack was added to carry another boat or two, just in case. ISA here we come!

The final result is great, with a color that will be easy to see when looking for the pits at high speed on the ice. Trailer is all completed, ready to go when the first ice comes in December… or November???

Think road… and then think ice !!

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More on Hal Chamberlain’s B Skeeter

This from Fred Greis:

These pics are from when we set it up last year out at Mike’s marina. I acquired it from a club member who was moving south. Mike Acebo and I have more pics of the boat/ trailer. The trailer is amazing. The most custom and purpose built I have seen. It needs some tlc but it is just wonderful. It has a bunch of placards and decals from event that the couple attended around the world. Trailer and boat must never be separated. This boat has a deep profile glass mast. It’s a two seater and has a unique brass mechanism to move the helm from one side of the cockpit to the other. She is a sweet two seat B and would be an easy boat to set up. It is currently shrink wrapped at the marina on eastern Long Island.

Contact George Neyssen at 203-361-7642.

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Classic Skeeter for Sale

Well known Ice Boat “HICDIC” is for sale. A classic and high performing New England Skeeter previously owned by Past NEIYA Commodore Hal Chamberlain. Complete with his fully equipped trailer, which he took to Siberia in 1989. Equipped with a composite mast and the very unique translating steering wheel, able to be positioned on either side of the two place cockpit. Currently located in Greenport, NY. Priced at $3500.
Contact George Neyssen at 203-361-7642.

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