Ice Boats For Sale

Here’s a very comfortable boat with great potential. She’s a scaled down version of the venerable NorthEaster class from the 70’s. Bart Chapin has built a splendid enclosed trailer, and she is complete and ready to go. Sets a DN rig, so the possibilities for unlimited performance enhancement are vast. Wheel steering, hand brake, T iron runners with oak bodies.

Located in Arrowsic Me, just down the road from Bath. Asking $2500.oo. Contact Bart at

Nice DN. Natural wood finish fuselage, bendy composite mast, plate runners. Comes with two planks, all in excellent condition and ready to go. $2200.00

Contact Breck Holladay
New Harbor, Maine

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CIBC Fall Meeting


Your CIBC fall meeting will be held at Dave Fortier’s house in Biddeford on Sunday, Oct. 29. Business meeting will start at 11:00 sharp, to be followed by a Pot Luck lunch. The lunch contributions get better and better each year; come eat well and talk ice!

This is an especially valuable event for those just getting into, or considering, sailing iceboats. You’ll get way more information and advise than you need, but you’ll come away just abuzz. For the full immersion weekend, The New England Ice Yacht Association holds it’s annual Swap Meet the day before in Westboro, Mass. Buy and sell boats, hardware and gear.

Fortier: 12 Cretien Rd. Biddeford, ME 04005

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Olympic Iceboat Racing

How many times have you been asked by wide-eyed newcomers to the sport why iceboating isn’t in the Olympics? You probably mutter something about ice condition, weather and TV schedules, but here’s the real story. Like many things in life, it boils down to organization politics.

Why Ice Sailing is not an Olympic Sport >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News

Thanks to Deb Whitehorse for putting this chronology together.

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Swap Meet and Meeting October 28

The New England Ice Yacht Association annual meeting and swap meet is a bit earlier this year, a mere five weeks out. That still should be plenty of time to round up your old gear, boats and a couple of people who can’t wait to get into iceboating. Share the joy:

The event is happening in the same pace as last year, Knights of Columbus Hall 17 Willow St, Westborough, MA 01581. It’s starting at 9:00, with lunch and NEIYA business meeting to follow. A good time is always had by all; in addition to Thinking Ice, this is your opportunity to Talk Ice!

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Skeeter Projects

We have three interesting Skeeter projects under way for this season. These are all C Skeeters; no one has stepped up yet to build a new A Skeeter. The C class is intended to yield a boat that is more reasonable than the mighty A’s. Mast limited to 20′, plank can be 16′, and 36″ DN runners can be used. But the racing performance is still breathtaking. The Whizz is technically a C, but with the mast at 18′ 10″ it doesn’t take full advantage of the rule. Why is the Whizz mast 18′ 10″? Because when Steve Lamb built W-! for James he used the long section of a broken A Skeeter mast which turned out to be just that length. We now have 15 Whizz, all with that same mast length!

The canopy has been removed for safe keeping; you don’t want to imagine the effort it takes to make a new one should it become damaged. The aft deck has been lowered in the stern by about a foot, and the fuselage shortened.

This boat was built as an A Skeeter back in the nineties, and Lance Bennett is cutting it down to a C. Six feet was taken off the mast and a new 16′ plank built. Here he has made new bulkheads and is ready for the deck.

On Long Island Mike Acebo has started on a boat for George Neyssen designed by Pat Heppart. Pat’s boat Drifter has been burning up the course at the past few ISA’s with only one other boat to give him a good race. Mike expects to have her done for this season, and Apache Boatworks has already built him a mast.

These boats aren’t that much more challenging to build than a Renegade, Yankee or a Whizz. The fore deck has a nice compound curve, but just enough to allow the plywood to take it. The biggest effort is to build the sliding canopy, but as we’ve seen with Tom Nichol’s new boat, stellar visibility, comfort and performance can be had with just a windshield, and the 8″ mast is proving to be much more versatile for the kind of sailing we do than the 12″.

But, when it comes time to line up at the start and go for the gold, every little bit helps. Only the power of the big mast and the awesome aerodynamics of the canopy will do. After seeing Drifter race at the ISA last season Keith Kennedy commissioned one to be built here in Maine with the plan to go back to the ISA this season and bring home the cup.

The boat is done and is patiently waiting for shake down on Plymouth Pond.

With these three boats, as well as Tom Nichols and Cody Sisson’s, we could have quite a show sometime this coming season. Best case scenario is that we have the ISA on Lake Champlain and everyone shows up! Think building, think ice.

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CIBC Cheapskate Trophy

The “Cheapskate Commodore” is humbled by the generosity of Bunting for donating this elegant trophy. I wasn’t sure whether the trophy included Junior the dozer as a stand. We will likely need a committee to do the annual polishing. The complexity of the Victorian motif contrasts nicely with the art deco Cheapskate, if there is any art in the Cheapskate. I suppose any class of recreational device becomes more complex with time and we have to accept the inevitable. Thank you Bill, first the name and now the iconic trophy.

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For All Your IceBoat Banking Needs

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