thanksgiving blues

buchholz sent a photo
–twas a nasty low-down trick—
a northern lake had frozen
you could hardly tell how thick

We love that lake quite dearly
it forever stretches west
with Katadn’s peak just northward
this jewel of lakes is blest

but my kids are heading homeward
from the south and even Spain
and here comes this great temptation
holy jaysus what a pain

just imagine ’round the table
“where’s dad?” “Oh, he’s away
You know he loves you dearly
But some ice got in the way”

So I looked at maps quite closely
and the spouse’s list to-do
by gosh i’ll have that cake
and somehow eat it too.

Tomorrow night at sunset
there’ll be exciting tales to tell
Or you’ll find me sipping brandy
in a sleazy bar in hell

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South Twin

Analyze This:

Millinocket Maine Luxury Bed and Breakfast Baxter State Park Mt. Katahdin Lodging Inns

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Plymouth Pond

It’s been a bit touch and go in the past week. The pond was reported to be still open a few days ago and the hope was that it’d stay open until the small disturbance today and tomorrow passes through. Then it’s deep cold right through the weekend. But:

Bryan Hitchcock Presents this horror story. He was alone and without gear so he only jumped heavily on the ice near to shore and found no cracking. We’ll have another look Wednesday, at the tail end of this little storm.

We really shouldn’t complain about a little snow on the ice, however. A DN regatta held last week in Novosibirsk, Russia, encountered a bit of snow but they had a great time anyway.

Novosibirsk is just north of the point where China, Mongolia, Russia and Kazakhstan meet. This is Jorg Bohn, one of a group of Germans that made the trip. So, let’s hear no whining about long drives to distamt lakes this winter! Speaking of which, just one more tip of the helmet to Rick Bishop and the Cape Cod boys who drove to Moosehead last spring, found slush, had breakfast and went home. That’s sisu.

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Stern Steerer Needs Ice (and a Home)

This boat spent most of it’s life on lakes in the Augusta, Maine, area. Most recently she’s called Cobbosseecontee home. As a matter of fact, the same day we were sailing that lake two years ago from the south end she was ripping it up on the north end.

The owner’s father bought it for ten bucks in the early thirties and has been in the family ever since. It dates from around the turn of the century and still sets the original sails.

The owner has no interest in making a profit on the sale, but does ask that the boat be well stored, sailed and cared for. Call Everett at 207-395-4221

Meanwhile, in the frozen lake department, the small ponds are skimming over. No word on Plymouth, but the hunch is that it is still open due to the tremendous amount of wind over the past few days. Snow is coming tonight followed by deep cold next week. The snow will seed the water, super cooling it, so there’s a very good chance we could be sailing next week. Got gear sorted?

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What is the Perfect Report?

The perfect ice report is, of course, a report of perfect ice. But that’s not the issue today. John Zimmerman sent this around, and it’s an excellent guide to keep in mind as you check ice and send reports. It’s well below freezing here in Maine this morning, with more cold on the way.

What is the Perfect Ice Report?

a. Where is the ice, name of the lake?

b. When did you check?
c. Name the nearest town.

d. Where is the access?
e. Ice thickness and composition (4 inches black ice with 3 inches of snow ice on top).
f. How far out on the ice did you check?(10ft.,10yds,10mi)

g. State the hazards.(pressure ridge, shell ice, drain holes, open holes)

h. Size of the plate.
i. How did you survey the ice? (walk, skate, bike, sail, drive by, fly over)
j. Best way to get in touch with you to confirm information.

Some of us will drive a long way if we knew it was worth it.



John Ziermann DN5426/Gambit/LS45

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Crossword Puzzle Winner

Congratulations to Kate Morrone for being the first one to submit a complete and correct crossword. John Stanton gets an honorable mention.

Where she ever came up with “polynyas” we’ll never know, but it’s generally used to describe large holes in the arctic ice sheet that stay open year after year in more or less the same place. The word itself is borrowed from Russian. Thanks to everyone who gave it a shot!

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Iceboating Brain Teasers

The first one to submit a complete set of correct answers to both puzzles wins a CIBC hat. Respond via the “comment” bar. Please include your mailing address.
Ice Boat Term.pdf


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