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Iceboating Class

As careful readers of these posts will know, high school freshman Milo Fleming has convinced his school authorities to accept iceboating as a sanctioned sport. With that in mind, school was ON today at Great Pond. The morning session was … Continue reading

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Great Pond still ON

Today was big wind on big ice: big speeds. Monster gusts in the morning cleared to pits of all but the bored and stupid, who hung around getting blown around and froze to the bone. But there’s something about full … Continue reading

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Yesterday at Sunapee

New England is back on the ice. Between Maine and New Hampshire we probably had forty boats sailing yesterday. Everyone’s been hungry, so to have a three day stretch of good conditions over a weekend is delightful. Today is just … Continue reading

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Great Pond 1/23

There was no doubt from the first moment we drove on to the ice that it was to be a storm sail day. The snow was streaming into the pits in lovely contrails. Ice was showing through. Once past the … Continue reading

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Great Pond ON

Reports late this afternoon from skaters, blissfuly gliding through a half inch of dry powder, indicate that we’re primed for a good stretch of sailing with the next two days bringing big wind. Ryan Haskell found similar conditions at Unity … Continue reading

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