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Armed with what I thought was permission to sail from the head of the Loring Development Authority and a forecast of 10-15 SSE I set out for the second round of exploring the old B-52 air base. The plan to … Continue reading

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Cool Ice

The ice at Baikall was less than wonderful this past season, but the photo below shows how perfect it can be. Aside from the rocks, of course. These rocks get blown onto the ice and then as they get warm … Continue reading

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Landsailing In Maine

There was an era on the timeless beach when land yachts were graceful and slow. You could wear your Sunday finest and not come home with sand in every seam. Times change and fast is fun, but the beach isn’t … Continue reading

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Rookie Of The Year

Milo Fleming, who made exploring the art of iceboating his eighth grade project, gives us his final presentation here. Way to go, Milo!

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Till We Meet Again

Farewell good friend, survive your softness. When you return we will be there, waiting for you, with sharp runners, crisp sail and full thermos. And for summer fun, don’t forget land sailing :

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