2008 Ice pics

Need to add pictures of course. My guess is that we should generate multiple pages by year.

The ice above is the sort which haunts our dreams. Bill, in the forground, wants it clear to all, that he is not behind Bob, but lapping him. Bob and Bill duking it out on glassy Damaiscotta - Saltonstall photo

Plymouth pond, shown above, because it is shallow, inland, and at a higher altitude, often freezes first Dickie pushes the limit on Plymouth - Cam Lewis photo

"Hiking" means driving the boat hard enough to raise one runner. If you look carefully, you'll see that John is moving away from the camera and raising his starboard runner. This ice is on Sebago Lake, which is one of our most fickle and fascinating playgrounds. It is 'black ice'. Newly formed, it is transparent, and often emits a melody of sounds: zings, pongs, etc. Ice Music, we say. John Bianchi DDS loves a good hike - Saltenstall Photo

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