frostbite sailing on Megunticook wednesday.

dear ice buddies,

well, we’ve dodged the snow bullet…..megunticook is swept clear of the tiny dusting of snow which fell in the last 24 hours…surface is good for iceboats, a little rougher than chicky was on sunday….winds tomorrow are predicted to be in the 8-12 Kn. WNW range…..partly sunny…….but……Temps are near zero degrees all day!

Bill and I have our boats set up at Bog Bridge, at Davy Jones’ Bay, now called Bailey Bay in honor of lake warden Ken Bailey. Parking is limited there, but it’s not far away if you set up at the boat launch….. We invite anyone to join us about 10AM and later, with any cold weather gear they’d like to put to the test. If we can keep warm, it might be a great sailing day….I have stocked up on hand and foot warmers….there is no snow predicted for a solid week, so if we can relate to this cold, we might be in for some fun….tomorrow marks my 15th day on the ice….so the season doesn’t seem shoddy so far ……

all the best….jory

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