Mid Coast Ice Mar 5

A walk on Chickawaukee finds crunchy partially frozen slush on rotton snow ice 4 inches on old black ice 8 inches. The black ice is soft but not yet punky or pencillated. Slush runners might do today for a while.
The big problem is 5 degrees above normal average daily temps for last 10 days at least and perpetual precipitation, a little snow and rain every gloomy gray tepid day. The average daily temperature should be a little below freezing instead of a little above freezing which , surprise, degrades the ice.
One good Canadian high would put us in business for the usual glorious spring sailing of the second week of March, none in sight but we have another week to go.


About Lloyd Roberts

Long time ice boater. Creator of the Gambit and Cheapskate boats. Author of the first definitive book on ice boating "Think Ice"One of the original members of the Chickawaukie ice boat club in Maine. Lloyd also lives on Chickawaukie and has played launch host to countless ice boaters over the years.
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