New Year’s Rendezvous on Lake Attatash, Mass.

The natives are getting VERY RESTLESS… To quote an old poem:

Then came snow and freezing rain
A combination sure to pain
You couldn’t ski; you couldn’t skate
And harsh words passed tween man and mate.

no harsh words yet….the mate is away, actually….but

So Bill and I, and I hope some others, are doing a day trip to Attatash on New Year’s Day. Our spy, Paul Delniro has been keeping track of some of the lakes in that area, which somehow missed some of our big snowfalls. Access to the lake is via Attatash Road, which runs north from route 110, which is the last exit north on I-495. Just put in “Amesbury” on your google maps site. I may post an update later in the day….happy new year!….jory

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