Chickawaukee ice

Last night, after minimal snow, there were heavy rain showers drumming on the sky light and raising hopes of wetted out minidrifts and the ice looked grey with linear white streaks in the distance. In a fit of enthusiasm I called John Eastman about a morning icecycle ride in the sunshine.

It seems there was a touch of snow after the rain showers and some of that was blowing across the lake at breakfast time. The sun is shining and the wind is brisk (Sunday Jan 26). The ice is coarsely corroded rotted styrofoam with pancake patches of smooth styrofoam sometimes 2-3
inches thick, sometimes with underlying slush. This proved to be totally useless. The corroded stuff was hard pedalling and the pancakes impossible to pedal through, like going up a steep hill. Sailing is out of the question. The edges have stiffened up however. It has to get better sometime.

About Lloyd Roberts

Long time ice boater. Creator of the Gambit and Cheapskate boats. Author of the first definitive book on ice boating "Think Ice"One of the original members of the Chickawaukie ice boat club in Maine. Lloyd also lives on Chickawaukie and has played launch host to countless ice boaters over the years.
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