Tuesday Jan 6 Ice report ctd.

CHICKAWAUKEE : Sunset stroll on grade 1+ coarse cobblestones, thinnest I could find 5-6 inches but would be a very rough ice boat ride, the sort of thing you could get used to but not likely enjoy. I did not get to the glossy black pools visible in the distance at SE corner and S end but similar black ice around the Eastern edge which had been open water yesterday now 1 1/4″ thick, likely 2″ by tomorrow. Is this mess good for anything? Well around the Eastern edge there is a path 6-10 feet wide of skatable snow ice, plenty thick, 4-5 inches, next to the new black transparent edge. Does this go all the way around? I don’t know, I ran out of light. Might try skating around on Wednesday out of desperation.

There now seems to be a good foundation that won’t blow out.

PEMAQUID POND: Drive by, snowy and paving blocky looking. A couple of folks seen standing on ice edge in distance, not visibly skating.

MACES and ROCKY Ponds (on Rte 17 Rockport) smooth looking likely skatable patches, just a drive by.

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