Memories of Pushaw Lake

dear ice buddies…

I’ve been housebound with a rotator-cuff shoulder repair during this spring iceboating season….i just got so fed up with not being able to sleep that, damning the lousy timing, i went ahead with the surgery even though the ice season had not ended…it’s been frustrating to follow the website posts and not be out there….but also satisfying to think that these next years may have a higher quality….

here are three videos all of Pushaw Lake early in this season…you will especially notice the collage-like texture of the ice that week…the second video is made by our own paul delniro…. paul simply takes us south down the 6.25 mile lake reaching across the NW wind…..mile after mile… for we stay-at-homes, these videos keep hope alive….conditions like this, ice like this, sun and buddies like this,…this is why we keep on…..all the best, jory

About CIBC Administrator

Looking over the digital communication needs for the Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club of Maine. I have been ice boating for over twenty years and have been sailing the frozen ponds and lakes of Maine, including Chickawaukie Pond, since the very beginnings. On the web Content is King and the members of the CIBC feature some of the best ice boat writing on the web.
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