photos from sabattus

this is lee or karin….note the yummy surface

doug raymond was the man to beat in the scratch races. note another of the many textures of ice

the start of a race

the lloyd and don twins:

Bill Bunting rigging, Scotty’s Outlaw behind

Ted Vaughn comments on the day:

We couldn’t get an “Ahhh-choooo!” from the wind for our Arrow! Put runners on your pickup truck and you’d understand! But wait’ the sounds, the clear air, a WHOLE bunch of people like us, assembling THEIR iceboats (perhaps less truck-like than ours!), pushing across the “brash-ice” to the clear-black……coasting with just that faint runner on ice sound… we were all transfixed once again by the “being-there” of it all; Ice Boating again, no matter what! Close to flying over ice!

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  1. Lee says:

    First photo Karin Wilson…

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