Pushaw Lake for Tuesday!

Our ace skater/spy Bob Lombardo, and his trusty fellow-skater Carl, sent in this report from our beloved Pushaw:

As of 3pm 1/11/16 Goulds Landing was locked in and we were able to walk down the bare ramp onto the ice. Ice was at least 5″ of clear ice under 1″ of slush ice as of yesterday [Sunday] and a mix of ice avenues, large areas of dark grey ice and minimal snow cover. Today there was just hard light grey ice as far as the eye could see. That 5″ of clear ice is still there and no snow or water that we could see and well drained off. There will be pressure ridges and drain holes for sure. We will circumnavigate the entire lake tomorrow on skates of course [we are skaters] and hope to see some boat action.

Photos taken today at 3pm from Goulds Landing

Winds are predicted to be stronger in the afternoon, possibly reaching 8 MPH or so. Snow predicted in the evening…..sooo….buddies….
are you ready? The lake is just NW of Bangor, Maine

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  1. Eddie Zelonish says:

    Greetings Jory This is Eddie Z we will be on the prowl tomorrow hope to skate androscoggin and then link to lakes to north. EZ

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