saturday on great pond: fine tuning

dear buddies….if you plan to join us on Great Pond, Belgrade today (saturday) , I want to add a few details, based on my skate on the “pond” yesterday…

1. this lake is large and variegated. bring a map.

2. as you leave the launch, sail with a buddy and a cell phone

3. do not explore the open water lead extending south of Hoyt Island. it is continuous between the shores. if you want to explore the eastern part of the lake, pass north of Hoyt Island

4. when returning to the launch proceed south along the far western shore of the lake, and you’ll find it OK. there is a similar bay east of the launch bay, which is easily mistaken for the launch.

my overall impression of the lake, having only explored a fraction of it, is that with the thickness being about 11”, and the major hazards seeming to be pressure ridges, that it is moderately safe to explore in company….perhaps we’ll see you there….sunday looks windless so far, so today may be the best day….jory

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