Super Deluxe Weekend!

We left our boats on the ice after the Super Deluxe Saturday on Great Pond. We listened to the weather reports and there were not really encouraging wind predictions, but we had big ice and cold temps predicted for another day. Jim Gagnon and I with our super DN’s, Fred Musser and Bill Bunting with their Nites, and Ben Fuller with Tipsy left our boats on the ice for the night. Jim and I agreed that there was no hurry in the morning considering the light air predicted. Calling each other when on the way to the ice was the plan.

The next morning Jim was the first to hit the road and he gave me a call just as Meet the Press was finishing up. I had wanted to watch that because Mitt Romney was a guest and I wanted to hear him explain and back up his Trump editorial of the day before that was pretty spot on and so was his Sunday morning explanation.

When I got to the launch site, a few others were there and rigging up so I got to it as well. Ben Fuller was there with Tipsy, tearing down if I remember correctly. John __ and Jimmy Mathieu showed up with their DNs. Jim was the first Super DN to head out and we all were close behind.

As we were setting up a gang of snowmobilers started to show up. We were not watching that to closely, but they sounded like they were drag racing from a spot adjacent to the boat launch area as far as they could go until they were stopped by the same pressure ridge that was a hazard to us iceboaters. Their machines were VERY loud and annoying, as was the smoke from the exhaust! I sure am thankful that they continued dragging for just a few hours, and I am so happy that they did not choose to cross over the ridge to where we were sailing.

At first the wind was light to nonexistent, so we were doing a bit of relaxing in our boats catching a bit of snowmobile exhaust on the occasional breeze. Eventually the wind picked up a bit and we were able to sail to the north end of Hoyts island to where the second pressure ridge was. The wind was blowing nicely and slowing down was not quite necessary as the ridge had flattened nicely. Jim and I sailed to the other side of the island just a bit then decided to sail back to where the others were, and that was a wise move as the strong wind did not last much longer, so avoiding the possibility of a very long walk. We all sailed around near the south end of the island and had a great time. I was happy to have remained on the ice for another day.

At 1330-1400 we decided to head back to the launch as it was Sunday and we all had to load our equipment for our drives home. Some of us loading boats onto trailers, some onto roof racks. We all help each other when necessary and that is another of the great things about iceboaters. I believe that Fred was the last to leave after Jim G. and I gabbed with him for a while about how much fun the weekend had been, and if the ice would last with the warm weather that was predicted etc. I had a 10 min ride to get to my niece’s 2nd birthday party. A nice party with lunch and CAKE before my ride home.
What a Super Deluxe Weekend!


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  1. Thomas P. Taylor says:

    Hi Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club, I am an iceboater from FLIYC in Madison, Wisconsin in the 1950s and HRIYC in Newburgh, NY in the 1970s. We now live in Florida. I have been reading and enjoying your postings daily. They are great. Thankyou

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