Maine and Regional Lake Cams – Watch Them Skim Over…

First off I want to appoligize for all the posts without content. We have been experiencing some technical difficulties which I am working through with the people at WordPress. Oddly enough the NEIYA is experiencing the same issues so we have to get it solved for the good of all New England iceboating.
Thanks for your patience and see you on the ice soon.
John Stanton

Not that there’s any rush yet, but here’s a selection of useful web cams to bookmark for when the time comes to check these and the forecast compulsively, many times a day. Have a look at the great new image on Damariscotta, especially. The second link is activated each evening to give a time lapse clip of the entire day. Thanks again to Ryan Haskell for setting this up, and to David Lampton for providing hospitable access to the “clubhouse” and launch.

Damariscotta Lake:

Damariscotta Lake daily time lapse:

Lake Sebago, Jordan Bay:

Moosehead, The Birches:

Moosehead, south end:

South Twin, Millinockett:

Sebec Lake:

Rattlesnake Island, Winnipesaukee, looking NE: snake_eyes.jpg 1,024×768 pixels


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Looking over the digital communication needs for the Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club of Maine. I have been ice boating for over twenty years and have been sailing the frozen ponds and lakes of Maine, including Chickawaukie Pond, since the very beginnings. On the web Content is King and the members of the CIBC feature some of the best ice boat writing on the web.
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  1. Doug says:

    The Dammy time lapse is a rush. We won’t be able to contain ourselves the day it comes in. And what about a leward mark dead center? Movie? The 16/17 Season on Damariscotta. Thanks techies.

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