Damariscotta Ice report and forecast

Bill Bunting reports at noon Friday that there is 1 1/2 inches of dense snow lying on but not attached to the ice surface. He can make snow balls of it, it is not styrofoam. “It would be sailable if there was wind”. The sand and grit in parking lot has resurfaced (and will likely be tracked into pits).

The wind forecast for Saturday is modest in the morning, becoming light and variable in the afternoon with temperature around 40. Sunday has 10 MPH wind forecast, still 40 ish. Monday still warm and “breezy” with rain possible in afternoon.

Some of us will set up Saturday morning hoping to sail before wind dies, expecting to sail Sunday and Monday until it maybe rains Monday PM.

So that great ice sheet is still there, the snow might get slushy or disappear leaving wet ice. Lets do it.


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