Linc Davis

I was hoping that we could get one of our Chickawaulkie races in this week. Little snow remains on Dammy, and hopefully the ice is/was robust enough to be able to withstand the recent warm days, and the ones in the forecast. Just watched the weather and the storm forecast for Tuesday will hopefully give us the rain on Dammy that the forecasters predicted for the “coastline”. The online “intellicast” outlook predicts the temperatures having a difficulty getting below freezing even in the overnights. These are forecast/predictions, so we can hope for a bit colder actuals.
So, I am tentatively scheduling the Lincoln Davis DN Race for Saturday the 28th of January. The ice on Damariscotta looks to be our best bet at this time. All you DNers out there lets hope for the best, get the equipment ready, and meet on the ice for some good competition!

Thinking Ice, Dave

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