DN Racing

This morning was seriously thinking of DN racing. Hoping to sail the Maine State Championship for 2017. So, I called another DN minded Chicky sailor at 0730 on this Friday morning, Doug Raymond. We looked at ice cams, temperature forecasts of below zeroF for the weekend, discussed lack of lodging at Moosehead. Though there is plenty of wind in the forecast (looks like too much actually), I believe that we will have ice next week, and it would be reasonable to wait. The forecast looks as though we will have ice next weekend, and most likely race-able temperatures. The other positive result of postponement is that we could get more racers from away on the line.

By the way, the Link Davis trophy has been enlarged so it will be able to fit more names in the future. Because I am in hopes that the Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club will continue to race around the marks on DN iceboats, the largest ice racing class in the world. Here is a picture of the trophy. I just checked the Maine State Championship trophy, last won by Eric Anderson in 2014, and there is plenty of room for names on that for years to come.

Cheers everyone, more later on the upcoming Maine State Champs.

Dave Fortier US4690

PS I cannot figure out how to include the picture of the Linc Davis trophy with this message. Maybe later

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