Memory’s Lost and Found

Memory’s lost and found

When the days so clearly shorten
And the morning air is chill
And though summer’s toys are handy
they have somehow lost their thrill

It’s then my mind starts rovin’
And my heart begins to glow
as I touch the winter magic
I’ve been blessed enough to know

The world is vast and varied
with splendors great and small
tall mountains, roaring rivers
which capture and enthrall

But my smaller world is bounded
and my heart has special claim
to winter’s icy magic
(will it come this year again?)

From the blur of thing forgotten
the names and dates and such
comes the jolt of what’s remembered
when the flow of life was hushed

When the mind’s pedestrian effort
to fully know and to contain
was cut short by sensory input
from some strange and higher plane

we all could tell our stories:
Remember that misty morning light
when the ice was bathed in feathers
left by fairies in the night?

sailing miles northeast on Moosehead
touching runners six abreast
’til someone gained some inches
and we had to prove who’s best

No, I’m not quite sharpening runners
this warm September day
no use in going crazy
as the slow months slip away

but i’m reaping the rich harvest
and can feel my heart rebound
as i touch the jewels remembered
in memory’s lost and found.

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  1. David Fortier says:

    Very good September thoughts. Thanks for putting them to words Jory

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