Caution: Risk of Black Ice!

I heard there were lots of new VW diesel’s around after the US lawsuit against the company, so I swallowed hard and bought one. And whenever I turn on the ignition, the screen says, “Caution! Risk of Black Ice!”

I’m thankful for the reminder, but I already know about the many tragic consequences of black ice. It can appear before you’ve sharpened your runners for the season. It can resurface a lake in February exactly during the time you are sun-tanning in Punta Gorda. It can come in a long, amazing stretch just when you’re up to your eyes in a house project—easily postponed you grumble– ordered by she-who-must-be-obeyed. And alas, it could come, breaking records for earliest sailing, this very weekend just across the Quebec border; while I attend a funeral in Connecticut….Funerals have been amping up, somehow….

Still, I followed my VW’s cautionary advice and tried finding and assembling my ice trinkets. Who but me could actually misplace an 8’ runner plank? And what are those tiny rust spots on the runners? How fast can a get those Gordini super-mittens? Eventually, though, it all came together in the driveway:

(Brenda Squibb photo)

It was a joy to muscle in that main sheet. I reminded myself that by some cosmic sleight of hand, this time of iceboat prep gets the same credit as actual iceboating. So the picture above is actually just as nourishing as this one:

(Saltenstall photo)

Right? Hmmm… I’m still feeling kinda hungry….

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3 Responses to Caution: Risk of Black Ice!

  1. Don Stearns says:

    Just to get the correct view on things Jory. VW cheated and got caught. Back in the day I was a VW believer. Bought new beetles, and square back by the score. Loved them and they always failed at about 80000 miles. They never did address the problems with the cars. (Poor cooling) The only good news now is 3 million of about a 20 million dollar fine on VW ( Maines share) Will go to aggressive quick chargers. About time. Hope VW gets with the program. Saving up for a model 3 Screw VW cheaters!

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  2. Boris Dmitrieff says:

    Hi Jory,

    I am looking for a set of runners and chocks for cheap. If anyone knows of such, please call me 207-350-6219 Thanks,

    Rob Dmitrieff 207-350-6219


  3. Breck Holladay says:

    How am supposed to concentrate at work after looking at these pictures ???

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