restless natives cool down 11/27

Tuesday evening report from Denis in Quebec:

I sailed Lac Joli again today… Lac Abenakis is not good, too much snow, and signs of water and slush on the ice.
Lac Joli is 50% ice and 50% packed snow. In light air today, it was difficult to get going and keep our speed.
I sailed with 2 DN iceboaters who came from Montreal, and who did very well under those difficult conditions.
Some rain is expected late tonight, and strong winds tomorrow. It may become slush, or wet snow for tomorrow.
I’m really not sure about tomorrow’s conditions. The guys from Montreal decided to head back home tonight.
Honestly, I’m not sure I would make a long trip for this… and Thursday is light air again…

also an exciting report from Bryan Hitchcock:

Went by Plymouth today. At the launch site the ice was about 5/8 inch. The place is completely locked in, so it’s just a matter of weather roulette: will the coming rain be too warm?

The dynamic skating duo, Bob Lombardo and Carl, are skating their hearts out near Millinocket, Maine but report that none of the ice there is big enough for iceboats.

sooo, i guess we’ll just keep sharpening runners, skating at the rink…and “watching the kettle slowly come to a boil”

all the best, jory

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