Boots on the ice that’s left

Chickawaukee after 3 days of 40-50 F and 2 inches of rain and run off from 15 inches of melted snow is down to foundation black ice 5-8 inches thick (was 8-10) with peculiar “herd of deer tracks” surface, depressions 2-6 inches across and 1/4-3/4 inches deep with intervening lovely flat very fast looking black ice. It looks like a fast very rattly ride, likely not enjoyable but sailable, not skatable. Overall grade 4 perhaps. The water level is up 10 inches with board access at Lloyd’s and Town beach at SW corner off Rte 17. My lawn is soft, will harden overnight, Town parking lot is muddy, will harden. Each “deer” print has a small to teeny drain hole, some with a strange white circle around them down in the ice, like deer eyes. We could be the next “buck eye state”. Photos by Eastman.

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One Response to Boots on the ice that’s left

  1. chefhannibal says:

    “Not skateable”. Ugh. Maybe by Sunday evening or Monday. without some precipitation I expect it won’t change

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