Iceboating prospects for Darmiscotta.

Monday and possibly tuesday look good for iceboating….we launched on Sunday from the beach at Darmiscotta Farm. This is to the west of our old boat launch. Access was a little constrained, but should be better monday….trailers were hand rolled onto the ice, sometimes across planks….definitely no cars on the ice.

Winds were excellent, about 10-15 WNW and sunny….there were six boats: two whizzes, one beautiful rebuildt Nite recently purchased by Breck, Icywood-DN agressively piloted by his son, Brice’s Cheapskate, and my own mini-skeeter. the ice was very hard and very fast….a little bumpy.

tomorrow may have less wind 5-10 perhaps…..(let’s hope for 10!); and tuesday less wind…perhaps 5Kn.

Today, I was hesitant to go all the way south to the narrows sailing alone; but i suspect another very frigid night will further heal any hazards…. and possibly allow a group to explore the south part of the lake.

if you’re hungry for maine ice, tomorrow may be your day….jory

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