Chickawaukee Ice Thursday 11 AM

3 inch deep puddles all healed up, rare patches of thin dry shell ice. Northern half of lake grade 10, lovely. Southern has widely scattered patches of slightly rough stuff, overall grade 8.

Tomorrow, Friday, we will have the first Chickawaukee Cheapskate Regatta which will include a round the lake handicap race, Cheapskates to sail one lap, everyone else 2 laps, race ready DNs 3 laps. (We experimented with this a couple of years ago). Prior race experience not required.

Saturday will warm up and Lloyd would appreciate no driving on his lawn after noon. You are welcome to leave boats on the ice through the warm and wet Sunday and Monday until the next coolth. We can put down moorings for you.

We will have fire and some usual Chicky food Friday.

Welcome, Lloyd

About Lloyd Roberts

Long time ice boater. Creator of the Gambit and Cheapskate boats. Author of the first definitive book on ice boating "Think Ice"One of the original members of the Chickawaukie ice boat club in Maine. Lloyd also lives on Chickawaukie and has played launch host to countless ice boaters over the years.
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2 Responses to Chickawaukee Ice Thursday 11 AM

  1. J Kevin White says:

    Fun reading all the going on’s I saw the boats on Chicky on Thurs. and Friday and thought, I want to do that.! I have since researched some and thought the Cheapskate was right down my alley. Small and simple, but having a little trouble finding the Sunfish Spars and Sail. I do have a DC15 sailboat and then thought maybe I could use that sail but the mast is 22′ and has about 90 sq ft in the main so would need a different design.. I have never raced anything, but am Intrigued by racing and know there are rules as to size for class. I do have building skills s I have built boats and houses in the past. I hope to join your club when I get things sorted. Thanks, J. Kevin White Hope.

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