Megunticook Part II

After lunch, we began exploring the lake, now so easy to do with fast ice and good wind.  You really commanded the lake: every inch.  No dead spots.  The boats gliding with the least touch of wind.  We especially had fun in “Lamb’s Folly”,  a tiny island near the shore of Fernald’s Neck where, swallowing hard, you can blast suicidally toward the shore, which  at the very last minute opens up into a tiny passage around “Daddy’s Island.”  Today you carried thru the loop at good speed.  Sometimes boats were circling in both directions at once.

Finally about 330PM, we’d had all the fun we could possibly stand.   And besides, tomorrow promises more of the same.  So we sailed back to the pits, encountering crowds of skaters,  using long graceful strides on the smooth ice, all in various states of extacy.  Tomorrow, temps will be warmer, winds lighter, but i’m sure the ice addicts will be at it again.   Here’s a few more photos by Bill Buchholz:IMG_7334.jpeg

the start, at Barrett’s Cove of “le tour du lac”…denis, jory, curtis, guy, and bill.  Denis is giving us a start time.  note the strange white polka-dots on the ice.


that’s us at the sauna, a very short time later.  The sauna is a little motel cabin  placed on pontoon floats made by Cam Lewis.  In winter it is moored fore-and-aft to get solar heat thru the windows.  You always scrutinize the chimney to see if Cam has fired it up.  I’d better not tell you my stories about that sauna!

See you soon i hope ice buddies….this season has incredible swings of temperature…but it’s turning into a jem.     Jory

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