DN North American Championship 2018

I have been back from Michigan’s Lake Charlevoix for several days now. But I succumbed to my list of DN needs that I composed during my 18hr return drive from Petoskey, Michigan, I have not yet finished the list, but want to share what I can of the 2018 DN North American Championship. We had attempted in the days previous to find suitable ice for the event here in the Eastern region, as it was our turn to host the event. Due to the weather, and the timing of the weather were unable to do so.

Team Nova Scotia, Team Connecticut, and I hit the road for Petoskey, MI. The weather forecast for us here in the east was the same as for them, but as is the way, they would get the cold a day sooner. The first order of business for me when we arrived, was to register for the event, as I had neglected to preregister. When I attempted to register I discovered that I had forgotten when packing, to include my proof of liability insurance, so was not able to register. It was evening so I was unable to contact my insurance agent. Thinking that I could make contact in the morning by phone and somehow get adequate documentation electronically I thought, no problem.

So off we went to the launch site at 0730, when we arrived plowing was happening in the larger of the two parking/launch areas. The ice looked large and quite clear. The fleet set up fast and we all headed for the race area. The wind was light and much of my mile or two sail out was pushing. While pushing I was able to call my insurance agent and request a proof of insurance be emailed. Minutes after I lost mobile phone function, so was not able to race in the qualifier race that day. The qualifier is the first race for the Silver fleet and the top 12 finishers move up to the Gold fleet. The qualifier was the only race in that days light air, and as it was I was happy to have sailed back before all the racers had finished, the wind soon died.

Eventually l was able to get the electronic copy and show it to the race committee on the course the next morning. My agent went to the office at 0700 for me. I was able to receive at the hotel before going to the ice. DNS from the day before would be my throwout race if we were able to race five races, and we did.

The winds were shifty and speeds were variable, so for me it was a bit tough. The East did well in both the Gold and Silver fleets, Steve Madden winning the Silver. The results, many photos and videos are on the na.idniyra.org website.

The Rolling Stone Magazine Team was on the ice with many photographers/videographers, they were interviewing racers and even some of the fans that were out on the ice, There were drones in the air for most of the day. I cannot wait to see the Rolling Stone iceboat issue in February. I believe it will be online, and I would guess that would be the place to see all of the drone footage, some is on the na.idniyra.org website.

Gotta go now, hope to make the iceboat orienteering tomorrow on Great Pond

Dave, US4690

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