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A few weeks ago when scouting for ice I stopped at Jordans store on the southwest side of Sebago Lake. While visiting with Jeff and Greg and telling then how fantastic it would be if the big part of the lake would freeze that night. The reason being at that time was that it was our chance in the East to host the North American DN Championship. During our visit and talking of ice and iceboating somehow we started talking of the Portland Water district. Most probably we were speaking of the nice map of Sebago Lake that they print. On that note they showed me the new calendar that the Portland Water District also makes available to the public. They showed me the calendar because the month of February sported a terrific photo of DNs on some very reflective ice. So, I had to get a copy of that calendar, I stopped by their office in Windham that day, but they had closed. I made a note get a copy next time I was at the lake checking ice.

The other day when I was at the lake checking the ice wet out, I stopped by their office again and picked up a few copies of the calendar. Pictures below and a nice shot of the wet ice from the bridge area on the east side of the lake.  I know February almost over, but I do have two extra copies.

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