Sebago Before the Storm

I was driving home from the action on Winny , and gave Bill a call to see if he was still on the road, But he was in fact home. There was such a crowd at the boat launch that I had not noticed his leaving before me. He was in fact already home. He said that he and Jim were going to Dammy on Monday. I got to thinking that I would check the wind forecast, and that I was already loaded up. When I got home I sat at my computer to look at the windcast etc., and read an email that made Sebago sound like the place to go (Pat Keely just sent in this report from Jordan Bay and the site selection committee has unanimously decided to go there tomorrow instead of Dammariscotta.) so I left the DN on the rack, and backed all into the basement.

Arrived at Raymond Beach about mid morning, James Turner with his Cheap Skate from Penobscot Bay Area being assembled, slight breeze. Both boats assembled by about 1100, and in the meantime a couple from Portland arrived with a Classic DN. Wind picked up to sailable velocity, so ready sailors, DN and Cheap skate, went to check er out. I sailed out and, and was able to stop and talk with several ice-fishing parties. I asked of fishes caught, and ice thickness. I was on ice that I measured about four days prior at about 3 inches. The reports that the fishermen gave were 4-6 in different locations, this was in the new ice area that is to the north of Whites bridge. This ice was essentially black ice with a few bubbles.

The conditions were good for what they are. The entire plate was good when we started, but after 1200 the snow ice started softening. There was a plate of black ice the full width of the bay 50-75 yards long. The ice fishermen that were there were iceboat friendly and said that they had NO problem with me flying past them at 50:) BTW skaters could have gone much further, there was a bit of a pressure ridge that I did not choose to cross as I was not sure about the wind holding. The wind that we had was pretty good, the DNer sailing two up with his girl was having trouble in the softening snow ice and when I pointed out the black ice area they were having a good time.

We did have to get back to the launch with a bit of walking, but it was no problem as the 3/16th runners I was using stayed on top of the ice when I was not in the boat, So, pushing the boom with one hand and walking for maybe 1/2 mi or so not a problem. A good time was had by all


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