Messalonskee 2/24/22

Solo sailing is frowned upon and never a good idea, but being unable to travel to Pashaw and join the rest of the crew, I decided to check the ice at camp, after finding 18” of grade 7 ice with no drain holes and 0 pressure ridges, I decided with a dozen ice fishermen, and brother on a snow machine watching I’d give it a go. With the wind out of the West at 9 MPH it called for the full rig. Making runs eight miles long at speed with only the ice shacks and a few trucks racing up and down the lake to watch out for made for some great fun. Not as much fun as with friends with fast boats though. Now I sit at home with the snow coming down and temps in the mid teens I’m hoping for a good blow to clear off the ice for another round of this great winter sport. See you on the ice.

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