I have finally succeeded in getting the GoPro video that we recorded on St George lake posted on YouTube. Now I am learning how to share the link with you all.

Bill Bucholz scouted/found the ice and when I arrived Saturday morning there were another half  dozen or so ice sailors ready to have at it. The launch was a bit difficult for this semi able ice sailor, but all who were there helped me getting on and off the ice, MUCH appreciated. 

Once everyone had boats set up, and because the wind was blowing about 0-30 we were all sailing with full size DN sails, a storm sail would be fine in the 30 but useless in the very light air in between. Three of us had the boats and the ability to sail out from the launch area and explore the whole of Lake St George. We sailed for an hour or two, and the wind  seemed to be doing anything but decreasing. We were flying in the gusts, and bashing through the snow drifts and having a blast. I lost Jeff and Bill, so assumed that they had sailed back the launch site. They had not, but soon they did, and we all were able to have a bite to eat, needed. 

I then remembered that I hade brought my GoPro camera with me, I asked my fellow boaters if they would like to go out for a bit more fun and excitement while I attempted to keep them in front of me and the GoPro. As you will see, I did a pretty good job of following them and keeping them in front of the camera, even though you might notice I hade a spinout or two. Watch the forestay angle, the mast bend in the gusts really saved the day with those full sized DN sails. As you will see at about 17 minutes into the video I sailed into plank deep snow drift wit my SuperDN and came to a stop. I believe at the same time Jeff sailed into the same drift at speed with his DN and capsized due to rapid deceleration and big air. We talked a bit and decided it was time to head back to the launch. 

We made it back to the launch, found the the other sailors had been able to sail near the launch, so all was good. For the most part there wasn’t any broken gear, kind of amazing. Thanks to all who showed up at Lake St. George, hope you all had as much fun as I

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