A notice to all CIBC members

Upon reading the inspiring story of David Jansen, in the latest CIBC newsletter, a question was proposed to the CIBC board of directors.

Should CIBC use club funds, for a donation be made to David Jansen to support him in his pursuit to build the worlds largest iceboat?

David is just a regular guy with big dreams. He’s come this far paying as he goes. The last big expense is the sail.

I am pleased to announce that the board unanimously voted to help out and send support.

Following is a copy of the letter sent to David.

Hi David,

We here at CIBC we are following your build and quest to construct and sail the world’s largest iceboat. Our recent club newsletter (a copy included) had a wonderful article about you and your boat.

While reading the article I noticed that you are at the point where sails are needed and I had the thought that we might join in and help you out.

The board of directors for the club took a vote and unanimously approved a donation.

Enclosed please find a check for $500.00 to assist you in procuring the sails you will need to power this magnificent beast. I am assuming that she is still unnamed?

Please keep us informed and send a few pics as you can.


Jim Gagnon

CIBC Treasurer


Email: jiminsouthport

PS. I will be posting a notice on our club web site, to our members, to include them and share the news of their donation.

If you permit, I will include your mailing address in the post, so that if other clubs or individuals that follow us, and might wish to contribute, can. 

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  1. daveross59 says:

    A brilliant idea and a generous donation. Bravo.

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