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Loring Landsailing 2020

Land yachts have never taken off here in the East for the simple fact that there’s no good place to sail. The West has deserts and dry lake beds, Europe has big tides and hard beaches that have universal public … Continue reading

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Loring Landsailing 2020 ON

First race Friday at 9:30. PRO Karen Binder will keep us on our toes from then on out, getting in as many races as conditions allow. We will finish the regatta when 1) there is no more wind: 2) our … Continue reading

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Two Weeks to Loring 2020

With only a couple of weeks to go and a wind forecast yesterday of NW 15-20 it seemed to be a good idea to have another course scouting R&D mission. Mission Accomplished: The schedule is from Friday until Sunday … Continue reading

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A Flying Land Yacht?

Or is it a wind powered air plane? You decide: What could we do with modern materials and aerodynamic knowledge? You might need to scroll up the video to get around the facebook promo.

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Blokart Deal

The head of Blokart, Inc, in New Zealand would have come all the way to Maine for the regatta if not for the challenge of travel in these times. But he is offering a great deal on a new Blokart. … Continue reading

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