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Iceboating prospects for Darmiscotta.

Monday and possibly tuesday look good for iceboating….we launched on Sunday from the beach at Darmiscotta Farm. This is to the west of our old boat launch. Access was a little constrained, but should be better monday….trailers were hand rolled … Continue reading

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The Blizzard Deadline

The jungle telegraph was lazily tapping out messages: Bill Buchholz had forsaken iceboating in the high-pressure’s frustrating windlessness and taken up skating with visiting family. Bob Lombardo was, as usual, extolling his recent skates, this time in the Ellsworth area. … Continue reading

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the ice grading wars

Some say four and some say seven a perfect hell or almost heaven we duke it out our fists are raised we’re quick to damn and slow to praise but i’ve never glimpsed the grading book if you can sail … Continue reading

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restless natives cool down

Tuesday evening report from Denis in Quebec: I sailed Lac Joli again today… Lac Abenakis is not good, too much snow, and signs of water and slush on the ice. Lac Joli is 50% ice and 50% packed snow. In … Continue reading

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the natives are (very) restless

Smoke signals are drifting up into cyberspace from jungle computers….our trusty spy, Denis Guertin, is prospecting two of his three favorite lakes: little Lac Joli about the size of Chicky; and Lac Abenakis, which is slightly larger and only now … Continue reading

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Caution: Risk of Black Ice!

I heard there were lots of new VW diesel’s around after the US lawsuit against the company, so I swallowed hard and bought one. And whenever I turn on the ignition, the screen says, “Caution! Risk of Black Ice!” I’m … Continue reading

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The Roulette Game

The most powerful reinforcement is certainly intermittent reinforcement.  We smile faintly at the predictable birthday present, while we fantasize about pleasures snatched from uncertainty.  Every gambler knows this.  And every iceboater.    And here we are, almost  in November:  the … Continue reading

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