Where’s the ice?

Congratulations to Ryan Haskell, Guy Pollyplank, Ben Fuller and Ted Amaral for being quick off the line identifying Plymouth Pond. Just for the fun of it, and so maybe you can find your way back to the pits someday, here’s another one.

Hint: you can see the pit area.

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Where’s that Ice?

Lee Spiller was quick to identify the photo in the last post as Lake Winnipesaukee, looking south to Rattlesnake Island from Ellacoya State Park. It helps that he was there that day!

How about this one?

Hint: we’ll be there soon.

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Lac Joli Still Good

Some weather has come and gone in the past few days, but the plate is intact and as nice as ever. The larger Lac Abenakis is now frozen. Denis sends this report:

I just made the trip to Ste-Aurelie. Lac Joli is still very good as the light snow is blown out of the surface.
Lac Anenakis is all locked, but the snow is not blown out as much as Lac Joli, but still very sailable. I walked on it and measured 4″ of black ice, but in the middle, there was a large area a bit darker, and I measured 2″ only. So I think it will be sailable in a couple of days, but right now, it would have to be inspected more carefully.

Anyone eager to go sailing in the next few days should contact Denis at <dguertin313>. Friends don’t let friends sail alone! Yours truly needs to go south for a week, but will be back for more asap!

No, this is not Lac Joli! Who can identify the location?

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Who’s The Turkey?

Not obligated to discuss politics today with ornery relatives, our Canadian friends continue to slice the ice:

IMG_0237.MOV – Google Drive

Looks like next week will offer another round, after some flurries over the weekend.

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Our namesake lake is cooling at last. Water temp. Thanksgiving Eve is 39 F., air temp 40. 40 F. is the magic number when the water is heaviest and goes to the bottom of the lake in the “fall overturn”. Water colder than 40 stays on top until it gets to 32 F. and freezes, that is why the ice is on the top where we can play on it. This lake usually freezes around the last week of December, these days is is likely to be later by a week or so. I recall that the “heat of fusion”, think freezion, is something like 325 calories of heat that have to be removed from each cc. of water to get to ice. It only takes 1 calorie to cool a cc. of water a degree C., then a lot more to solidify it at 32 F. or 0 C. The “calories” you eat or expend on a gym machine are actually kilo calories, 1000 real calories. Our lake temperatures are not far from the ocean temperatures reported by ocean buoys in NOAA weather reports this time of year. We will have ice sooner or later. A small pond just West of Chicky had skimmed over yesterday and there were several geese standing on the ice with little piles of droppings under their tails, not playing, just relaxing safe from foxes and coyotes.

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More Sailing in Quebec

Frank and Denis are still at it, and they’d like some company!

“Frank and I sailed Lac Joli again today (already my 3rd sail on this lake this year!!). Ice was still very nice. Wind was light but strong enough to keep us going without having to run. Sunshine was just beautiful and warm. Obviously, we rigged our Whizz with the wing masts and full size Whizz sails. Frank had to be back in town for 2:30, so we stopped at 1:15 and packed the boats.

Tomorrow’s forecast is a little bit of rain, followed by some light snow, but I’m confident that the snow will not falll enough to cover the surface. So, maybe more sailing on this lake by the end of the week.

Lake Abenakis was frozen again this morning…”

Black Ice Friday anyone?

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Lac Joli Four inches of Grade 9

Denis and Frank had a great day on smooth ice and buckets of wind. They rigged DN masts with storm sails on the Whizz and blasted around the little pond all day, comfortable, fast, no hiking. Denis couldn’t say enough about the Whizz and how incredibly versatile it is. A few snow squalls came through but the plate was kept clear by the wind. You need a little excitement every now and then just to keep you interested on such an intimate plate.

The boats are set up on the ice for another day tomorrow. Wind isn’t supposed to be nearly as generous, but on ice like this it don’t take much. The snow forecast for later in the week looks like the real thing, so this might be it for a while. Sainte Aurelie is one hour beyond Jackman, just so you know how close it actually is!

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