Dammy ON

Five inches of perfectly recovered ice all the way to the north end of Muscongus Bay, where you’ll see a large area of open water. Deep Cove is good, as is the River down to the first turn.

Very cold tomorrow, come prepared, but do come. Ice is easily grade 9.25.

Please note Jim’s guidance on the parking in the previous post. Just on the lake side, and as close to the edge as you can. Even better, park in the wider part close to the railway tracks once you are un-loaded.

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Damariscotta Lake Vannah Rd

Looks like the boys found some ice! After yesterdays rain we have located the place to be.
5” of really good ice on the lower section of Damariscotta, launch is at Vannah Rd.
Two boats are sailing today and more expected tomorrow, and on until the weather shuts us out. The plate has been skated some open water located but plenty of sailable ice. This should only get better with age.
There are some new parking restrictions. At the launch please respect the new signs and parking restrictions painted on the road. Or expect to be towed, apparently there were some problems last summer and we’re not sure what to expect for the winter. See you there!

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Weekend Ice Wrap

There was plenty of sailing this weekend. Sadly, nothing local. The Michigan group, along with Karen and T, had two days of good racing on an urban frog pond on the outskirts of Detroit. Preliminary results give T first in the A Fleet and Karen first in the B.

On Lake Mendota in Madison thirteen DN’s and seven Renegades had some excellent racing on very nice ice. If the pix don’t lie, DN 4487, Chad Adkins, was there. No results yet, but we’re hoping Team East swept the weekend.

Across the border in lovely Kingston, Ontario, twenty DN’s duked it out today. There was some standing around in the cold waiting for the wind to blow but the fleet managed three good races before the beer and pizza showed up. We always knew Canada is highly civilized place.

Meanwhile, there is rain on the coast on Maine. It appears to be wetting out the four inches of snow that fell Friday. At sundown the local lake was fifty-fifty. We were expecting a report from Vannah Rd, but will go have a look in the morning instead. Whatever we get is what we’ll have there all week. At the very least it will be like Graham was early last week. The crappy lower end. With enough wind anything is sailable. Who remembers the epic cruise on Sebago, circumnavigating Frye Island from Nason’s Beach on Grade 1 ice in half a gale? Incredibly, nearly all the boats made it back.

Dammy at Vannah Rd has not been scouted.

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1/5 Sailing Roundup

Lake Megunticook had a wonderful surface today on about four inches. It was the plate that did NOT get away, and was sailed in the small window between dawn and the early morning rain.

You can’t hop a jet plane like you can a railway train, but sailing a DN in a rising storm gets you close.

The skaters were out as well, pulling hard against the building gale. This surface was a perfect ten.

Up at Magog on Memphramagog, Denis sends in this report from today:

When I got out of the car at 9:30, the wind was already blowing and was strong enough to rig my Whizz with my DN sail and mast. After a nice briefing from Jean Cabana who came to meet me as I was rigging my boat, I knew where I could sail safely and what areas of the lake to avoid. In fact, I could sail safely almost everywhere. The wind was really nice, and the ice was a Grade 9, orange peel without any bumps or cracks. Very nice plate of ice. I met Jacques at his place and we sailed together in the morning, reaching typical iceboat speeds around 50 – 55 mph. After lunch, the wind died. And I mean, DIED… So I stayed there talking to other iceboaters, and kiters, and fisherman. I decided to pack my boat at 2:30 and as I was removing my steering runner, I felt a little breeze. And it seemed to hold…. so I put back my steering runner in place, rig my big mast and sail and went back on the ice for more sailing. Nice wind, long hike, great speed… and this lasted for about…. 10 minutes. The wind died again and I had to walk back to the pits, which was above all, a straight downwind sail !!! I know what you think now… and you are right: The wind came back as I was packing my boat for the second time, but I told him: No no no…. You won’t catch me again. I left at 3:45.

https://youtu.be/7raIAdDora4 :Memphramagog.

Bob Lombardo and his gang found very nice ice on Phillips Lake. For those not familiar with Phillips, it’s on Rt. 1A between Brewer and Ellsworth in the town of Dedham.

As always, view these photos on a big screen if you can; they are stunning and a phone screen does’t do them justice.

The forecast looks bleak. please get out and check ice as we move through this next weather phase.

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The Plate That Got Away

In spite of the dire wind forecast for today, a breeze did build in a few times. But the rough surface killed all momentum in the lighter puffs. Just away to the north lay a plate of grade ten ice that could be sailed in a whisper. It was too far to go in the light wind, and too complicated to de-camp. The only launch on that stretch of lake is DN only, and that’s a bit of a carry through the woods.

It’s no wonder there are no takers for an early sail there tomorrow, ahead of the coming rain. Nice breeze, warm temps, perfect ice. That’s the plate that got away. We won’t be seeing the likes of that for a while.

Here’s the latest from Magog. Thanks, Jacques, for sending this in:

As of January 4, 12h30.6 inches of solid ice.
Grey orange peel surface, no defects.
With the wind, the quarter inch white dust of yesterday has formed half inch fluffy patches on 50 % of the otherwise perfect plate.
Wind 6 knots today.
Jacques Charbonneau.

Denis is going, anyone else?

Meanwhile, from Mike Acebo, the Long Island iceboaters are seeding the lake again, hoping for a good harvest:

In an effort to get things rolling a group of OIYC met at noon on a 53 degree New Years Day to seed Hallocks Bay in Orient with ice. We paid tribute to Bob Reeves (his birthday is today and he would have been celebrating 82) for fostering ice boating on Long Island with history, boatbuilding, introducing folks to Skimmers, teaching skills and being a true to heart Club Commodore through the years. He is missed.Peter, Doug and Carol, Karen, the Club ice hot dog chef Linton Duell and I did our best to fill the Bay with the Spirit of ice.
A bit of OIYC past sailing: https://vimeo.com/254116894

“Ice has a social life, it’s changeability shapes the culture, language and stories of those who live near it”.
Robert Macfarlane


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