Welcome China

DN icesailing in China – YouTube

From IDNIYRA Europe:

“Our family of icesailing nations grew by a new member in Asia!

This weekend at our annual National Secretaries’ Meeting we had some very special guests in attendance:
On behalf of the Chinese DN Fleet, Mr. Wang Qiguang chairman of the Jinzhou Yachting and Sailing Association and Jinzhou Bay Sailing Club, Mr. Wu Ming director of the club and Ms. Zhu Di, Chinese-Canadian interpreter was also invited to serve throughout the process.

As they told us, in the past three years, during the introduction, training and participation in- and hosting of various icesailing competitions, they stumbled across pictures and videos of DN iceboats on the Internet. The appearance, structure, speed and specifications of the DN immediately aroused everyone’s interest. In 2019, they purchased plans from North America and manufactured a few of China’s first iceboats of the class. Last year contact was established with IDNIYRA – Europe and official talks began on joining the Organisation. We received their application of membership earlier this year.
At the same time, they have also received strong support and approval from the Chinese Sailing and Windsurfing Association. They plan to join the our association as a local organisation, and at the same time, continue to promote the DN icesailing across the country.

After an impressive presentation and interview, the national representatives unanimously approved the membership application.

We wholeheartedly welcome the Chinese Fleet in our Class Association!”

Fleet storage with Chinese characteristics.

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Spring Meeting

Just a reminder that next Sunday at Camp Kieve is the spring meeting. In case of rain we will be inside the dining hall.

Meeting at 11:00, pot luck to follow.

Here’s the final cut of Jonne Trees video: https://vimeo.com/539353132

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Land Sailing addendum

This just in: Dave Lussier has a great offer on a new BloKart. Contact him directly for details. dlussier@seacorp.com

Hi all! If you are planning to go to the Eastern Land Sailing Championships at Loring, and you are interested in sailing a Blokart, I have a brand new one for sale that I can bring to the event so you can buy it there. It has most options already, so it can be can configured as you like with many or fewer options. This kart only has a blue 5.5 m sail, the largest one, so if you’d like to buy it and want more sails, you should let me know soon so we can order them on the chance they would arrive within the next couple of weeks. I will make this a regatta special at 10% off!
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Spring Gatherings

First up is our CIBC Spring Meeting and potluck lunch at Camp Keive, overlooking Damariscotta Lake. Weekend after next, Sunday May 2. Business meeting at 11:00, lunch and lake gazing to follow. We have been granted permission to meet inside Pasquaney Hall should the weather become not suitable to our clothes. But the plan for now is on the deck, same place as last fall.

Next up is the land sailing regatta at Loring, now called the Eastern Land Sailing Championships. There is a contingent from New Jersey and Pennsylvania coming, including Jim Gervolino, who has built a very interesting mini Wing boat. He’s feverously adding wheels as we speak, planning to be at Loring.

Jim and Dan Clapp on the ice: March 15, 2021 – YouTube

In addition to Jim, here’s the roster with those who have registered indicated with $. BK is BloKart and UL is Unlimited. If there is a need to add other classes we will consider it at the time.

Jim Turner MS

Kate Morrone $ BK

BB Hdredlock $ BK

Mike Dinning BK

Dave Lussier $ BK

Milo Fleming UL

John Stanton UL

JR Pepper UL

Jeff Kent UL

Buchholz $ UL

Karen Binder pro

Henry Capotasto $ pro

James Day $ BK

Ed Davis $ BK

George Williams BK

Stephan McKeeman BK

Ed Keller BK

And the rest of the story:

Thursday, May 13- Sunday May 16 at Loring Air Force Base, Limestone, Maine.

Loring AFB is a closed base with two 2mi long runways that are 300’ wide with many taxi ways between the runways as well as several outpost taxi areas that are sailable, including a large pad area suitable for large fleet starts. It is likely the best asphalt land sailing location on the East Coast of the US. Our leasing of the facility for the weekend includes usage of a large hangar that we can store all the boats in with our masts and sails up! There are also restrooms nearby in a separate building.

Free sailing, tuning and touring Thursday, racing Fri-Sat-Sun. Combination of short courses and the 7 mile long course. Starts to be dail-up or standing depending on wind. Bring a stop watch. Racing shall be governed by the NIA iceboat racing rules, as well as some that are specific to the BloKarts, below:

ibra_rules_edition_7_final- 2019.pdf

Two classes: Blokart one design and Unlimited. Awards presented for first three places in both classes. Depending on number of boats, classes will be run separately or together.


Bunker Inn, on the base, $50.oo/ night land sailor special. Breakfasts included with regatta registration. THE BUNKER INN – Loring Industrieswww.loringind.com › thebunkerinn

Caribou Inn. 25 minutes from the base, a bit pricier but has a restaurant and bar.Greenhouse Restaurant – Caribou Inn & Convention Centerwww.caribouinn.com › greenhouse-restaurant

Registration: $40.oo
With the Bunker Breakfast (three mornings) $60.oo

Hopefully most of us will have been vaccinated by this time. If you came and are not, please be prepared to abide by those Covid protocols with which we are all now so familiar.

Please share this announcement around, and hope to see you on the asphalt!

Send in your registration the old fashioned way, cash or check:

Bill Buchholz
31 Gosses Hill Rd.
Camden, ME 04843

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Whizz For Sale

W-8, built by Bill Bernhard, is back on the market. Fully enclosed trailer, 11″ foam/carbon wing mast, complete older DN rig for high winds. 36″ Sarns bull nose plate runners. Wheel steering; no foot steering.

Full cover for overnights on the ice. Plank covers as well for longer stays on the ice. Hand brake included, but needs to be mounted.

Hull is built light and plank is tuned for 160-190# skipper.

Very nice upholstery. Comes with 100′ throw line, spare bolts and pins, stands and tools. Note pouch on the cockpit side, just in the shadow.

Cockpit is built full length for easy in and out. Finish and detailing is perfect.

Struble chocks, first class hardware throughout. Runners sharpened and aligned. 100% ready to go.

Join the fleet!

Located Camden, ME. $5200.oo. Call Bill @207-975-6980 or hilltop@midcoast.com.

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