Happy Summer Solstice

While most people celebrate the Solstice as the beginning of summer, we iceboaters know that what it actually means is the the days will now begin to get shorter. And when they get really short, and the bugs are gone, the long cold nights will begin to make ice. The 2020 season will be upon us.

Bob MacEwan will be ready with his new Mini-Skeeter. Nice pant job Bob!

Chris Malliet isn’t far behind with his new Mini-S build. Let’s plan on some spirited racing, gentlemen! We’re still waiting for some one to fit a Mini-Skeeter with a modern DN rig…

Here’s an interesting take on slush runners. The common variety is simply made from a ninety degree stainless angle. Another way is to use hard coated aluminum hex stock sliced down the middle, glued to a wood body, and the 120 degree edge facing the ice.

It bends much easier than the angle and fairs nicely into the forward curve of the body. The larger angle should support the boat better on the slush, but will there be enough “bite” to prevent excessive leeway? A big Yankee had a set of these some years ago and was apparently very satisfied with their performance. This set is for Breck Holladay’s Nite so we’ll have a good report sometime around next April.

And lastly, this tidbit from Father’s Day:

What do you call a Dad who goes through a hole in the ice?

A Popsicle…..

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Spring Ice Conditions, Still

Bobby Strezlewicz is just back from a trip to Yellowstone National Park, and as an iceboater was compelled to submit an ice report. He sends this report:

“Took trip to Yellowstone, part of my bucket list. Stopped by Yellowstone Lake to check the ice.

Spring conditions, the lake is 14 by 20 miles, nice size to do some cruising, and there are some hot springs to warm your hands or wash the boats . Anyone up for a road trip????” Bob S.

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Stern Steerer For Sale

Forward facing steering, two passenger seats. Aluminum mast and booms, T iron runners and Meade chocks sharpened and aligned. Light weight, easily car toppable. Could use varnish or paint. $650.00

In Maine. Call Bill at 207-975-6980

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Stunning Video, Jordan Bay, Jan 16, 2019


Thanks to Rick Williams friend of a friend for sending this. And don’t forget the meeting on Sunday!

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Meeting and Boats A-Building

Bob MacEwen and Chris Malliet are making great progress on their Mini Skeeters. We might have four or five of these on the ice next season. The class is growing in leaps and bounds; over 120 sets of plans have been sold in the past five years.

Bob is ready for paint and varnish.

The ski pole in the cockpit is a push-pull rod for steering when pushing around. Primary steering is with foot pedals.

Chris is not far behind, getting ready to lay the deck. He’s come up with a way to make it quite stunning. We can’t wait to see it!

Isn’t it fun to have a peek into everyone’s shop?
If you’re thinking about building an iceboat, time to stop thinking and start building. Don’t wait until the frost is on the pumpkin!


Nite sailor Fred Musser and Sarah Sheffield have graciously offered to host our pot luck lunch party and meeting at their house in Union. Sunday, May 5, meeting to start at 11:00 sharp with lunch to follow.
Address is 1611 Clarry Hill Rd., Union. Take 235 north from RT 1, or Clarry Hill Rd south from RT 17. You’ll find it: you’re iceboaters and the one thing we know how to do is find things like hidden launch ramps and good lunches! The food gets better and better each year. Thanks for making it happen! BYOB

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Deep Cove

Everyone who sails in Maine knows Deep Cove on Damariscotta Lake, and those who don’t are probably familiar with it from Jory’s eloquent prose celebrating it’s mystic healing properties on a raw, blustery day. On a more pedestrian observation, we noticed last season that our favorite spot to sit, out of the wind and in full sun, was rather muddy. Basically, our butts got wet. Iceboaters don’t like to get wet. We are like cats to water.

So two of the club’s officers took it upon themselves as an obligation of office to improve this deplorable matter. A bench was built and an expedition by motorboat was planned and executed.

Usually all we see here for lunch is peanut butter and jelly, or on a good day last night’s soup. But to celebrate our new lunch spot we seeded it with wonderful food energy hoping it will rub off next winter.

Speaking of food, don’t forget the CIBC spring meeting next Sunday in Union!

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Whizz For Sale

Brand new Whizz C Skeeter. Light, fast and versatile. Teak sides, ribbon mahogany decks.

Foam/carbon mast with faux wood finish, Bosset sail, titanium chocks, 440c inserts. Complete with trailer, ready to go, in Maine.

$5750.00 or higher offer. Call Bill 207-975-6980

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