Megunticook 1/2/19

Yet another fabulous recovery gave us large plates of dead smooth ice, with few rough spots. We set up marks for scratch racing, had a look at the plate and ran a couple of tight races. By and by the Nite was parked and placing a tree branch in a hole. He had just grazed it, but some else had run right over it earlier and didn’t hear a thing. Note the runner tracks below.

Just goes to show there’s always something somewhere.

So the fleet abandoned the course for a free tour of the lake. Great ice all the way up to Cam’s sauna, and a super smooth plate through Lamb’s Folly which we did numerous times, in both directions.

Megunticook gives us that great joy of working through tight straights, pinching up along shore watching overhead for low hanging branches, then bursting out into a broad bay with the throttle down and another island rounding in the offing. DN 4619 and 3314 have been duking it out since the nineties. Today belonged to 4619!

The stern steerers and a few others didn’t make it all the way up. Here the Mighty Merlin, back on the ice after a long rest, pays homage to Tippy.

Breck’s wife Roseanne Holladay made a small rum of mugs to offer. The one in the middle is from a recent sail in Great Pond, She can print pretty much anything you want on a mug. Thirteen dollars for one, ten for twelve or more, plus shipping unless Breck brings them to the ice for you. Contact her at: info at breckslane dot com. They are a bit larger than the average mug, which is nice.

Nothing on offer for ice around here for a while now. Time to hit the road. Stand by for the Doc Fellows Regatta somewhere this coming weekend,

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Scratch Racing ON For Tomorrow

The surface of Megunticook has wetted out nicely under the pressure of wind and warmth. Puddles don’t seem deep enough to make shell ice a concern, and there isn’t that much water so perhaps we’ll get away with only a few drain holes. Likely those old white patches with healed drain holes from the last wet-out will be open again. The plate is still tight to the shore in the places we checked.

Beware if ice fishing holes at the bottom of the launch at Bog Bridge. Yes, it’s that time of year again. As always, carry twenty bucks in your boat so if you happen to take out a pop-up you can stop, apologize profusely, ask him howz the fishin, and give him the money.

With the wind predicted to be NW we’ll set a course to the east of Crane Island with a bottom mark at Polly’s Folly. For all the new DN sailors, this is a great way to tune both your boat and your sailing skills all while having a great time. All classes welcome. Thursday might have something to offer as well.

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Last Thursday on Lake Megunticook

These photos were taken by John Williams the other day on Megunticook. It was a madhouse of sailors, skaters, dogs and walkers, as everyone wanted to be on the fabulous plate of ice. Tips of the helmet all around to all the iceboaters for sailing carefully and not running into any pedestrians. The light and shifty air helped to keep top speeds down.

Hard Water Sailing | Flickr

Next probable sailing looks like next Wednesday. The ice has recovered nicely from Friday’s rain; eight inches thickness reported in Muscongus Bay, Damariscotta Lake, from the Vannah Rd. launch. We’ll scout the rest of the south end during these few upcoming windless days.

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Great Pond was in nice condition today, with big plates of flawless ice punctuated by smaller plates of slightly rough stuff. The wind was light and shifty in the morning, then came on strong and shifty in the afternoon. Dave Godine and Paul Miner didn’t make it in time for this line-up, but Denis Guertin, Jim Gagnon and Bill Bunting did:

Chris Gordon, W-16, came for the day from Nantucket:

There was a sailor from Nantucket
Who stapped his head into a bucket.
He went sailing on ice
and thought Hey this is nice!
Nantucket: who’d have thunk it?

The pits on Great Pond are a bit of a mess with shell ice at the approach and big patches of sand blown on. Making a downwind approach was demanding to say the least.
So the boats are packed up and the idea is to sail Lake Megunticook from Bog Bridge tomorrow. Rain/snow forecast for Friday will make an impact but it looks like smooth sailing after that.

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Boxing Day Party

Cam Lewis is hosting all kinds of fun on the ice, with hot sauna and cool folks tomorrow at the top end of Lake Megunticook. If you can’t make it to Great Pond, Cam has three DN’s set up and ready to go. He’s at the bottom of the bay at the NE corner of the lake. You can get there by road as well.

The ice is looking good well into next week!

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Sailing Tomorrow, 12/26

Sailing Great Pond, Belgrade ON for Wednesday and probably Thursday. Ice conditions look promising as does the wind and sunshine. It hasn’t been scouted since the recovery, so we’ll be sure to have a good look around before wide-open-romping. If you come late and the fleet is already out, please take care and watch for flags.

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Ice Roundup

Wonderfully recovered black ice is everywhere. As usual the pesky drain holes are an issue at most lakes. Careful scouting and marking could yield some awesome sailing this week until the killer weather returns on Friday. There are rumors of a big sail on Wednesday at Great Pond but ice reports from there are not yet in.

Meanwhile, here’s Cobbossocottee near Augusta:

Messolonskee, one of the Belgrade Lakes, in Sydney

Lake Megunticook:

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