The Frostbite Tour, Megunticook 1/23

No one ever told us that one could sail all day when it’s five above and blowing 15-25. The ice on Megunticcok is fabulous: no cracks, pressure ridges or holes, and very fast. Surface probably a seven, with occasional shell and styrofoam. But with the wind we could penetrate every small cove and bay right to the end and still get out. It was a treat to make our way into tight quarters not only because it’s fun, but a respite from the wind. Not only was it cold, but we were getting knocked around pretty hard. Jory cracked the side of his hull with his body when coming down from a hike, and later whacked his runners out of alignment. (the glue is drying on a repair as these words are written).

The most vulnerable part of the body is the nose. We both have open helmets with goggles, with the foam mouth and nose covers but the wind still finds its way in there. I had a scarf tied over everything which did the trick. Hand and foot warmers of course. One observation there: the hand warmers are a bit bulky and don’t get to the fingers. Next time I’ll use the long flat foot warmers stuck to the palm and fingers over the mitten liners. It’ll make sheeting and steering easier.

We quit because we were exhausted, not cold. The wind was building and it was the time of day when you begin to make mistakes. In today’s conditions the stakes were too high to screw up or break something and with the hard fast ice and serious wind, it was a good day to bust a boat. We did each add 40# of lead after lunch which made a world of difference in getting the boats to track straight in the gusts, instead of sliding. Thank You Bill Bunting!

Lake Megunticook will be an epic venue this weekend if we dodge what little snow is forecast. The boats are still there and we’ll be back for more, and we’ll remember to bring the camera. We really didn’t expect much this morning: a quick trip out and back, home for lunch. What an absolute treat! As always, think positive, pray and show up!

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