Great Pond: Round Two, 2/5

With the brutal winds of yesterday in retreat, Squibb, Eastman, Rindlaub and I set off from the excellent public launch determined to cover every inch of this vast lake. About seven by three miles, with two deep southern bays, big central island and numerous coves it is a touring iceboater’s idea of heaven. The best ice is in the bays, while the broads were a bit bumpy. But the ice is so hard that even in the afternoons dying breeze we still could make slow but steady progress over the rough stuff while always finding a smooth patch to come about on.

The pressure ridges are small and easily crossed so far. Here we grouped up while attempting to sail the full length of the lake in light air.

After yesterday’s thrashing and the wing mast hard to control and overpowering, I went with a DN rig today. Of course, it was a perfect day for the big mast, but we had some big puff in the first hour and the small rig was so relaxing! On a lake this big with moderate breeze I was temped to cleat the sheet and go below for a cup of coffee! The boat still sailed well, balance was good, mast bent nicely: what a treat. I’ll keep this on hand for the next big wind day.

Thanks again to the Fortier clan for scouting this ice for us. This is the view from their summer compound in the western of the two lower bays.

Lastly, sorry to report that the Tea Room is closed for the winter so we had to bring our own…

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