Damariscotta is ON!

Thanks for Scott the spy for keeping his eyes open. The surface is smooth and excellent, with some patches of shallow shell ice. No humps of old snow in view. No ripples or waves. Todays snow showers left a trace on the ice, but compared with what we’ve been looking at for two weeks this is nothing. I estimate grade 8 between shell patches, and the shell seemed to diminish the further out I went.

But we won’t know until we sail it, which is the plan for tomorrow. The forecast is NW 7-11 with sun. It will be warm in the afternoon so bring slush runners. Light air called for Saturday, and rain or snow Sunday, so tomorrow looks like the best day.

There is a pile of snow on the ramp which is easy to walk over with boats, but too frozen for Scott’s tractor to remove. The beach looks like the best bet for trailers.

See you there!

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