Damariscotta Saturday

The snow came and went. The sun came and went. But the when the wind was switched on at 9:45 it settled in at 8-10kts from the ENE all day long. When we finally had all we could take at about three, it was still blowing. And because it stayed right around freezing all day, the ice stayed hard, and we discovered that the north end had the best ice of all, with very little shell, and dare I say, approaching the level of, oh, say, about 8?

One rambling fool just had to have a shot at the narrows, but the wind faded fast down there. You really need the NW to get through properly, so it was a bit of a walk on crusty snow back to good air. But remember how satisfying that first strong pull of the rig feels after a long slog of pushing? There’s no where else you’d rather be!

Our friends Denis and Francois from Quebec made a day trip, picking up a very nice older DN to add to the home fleet. Francois set it up and took off, winding it up
easily and giving Denis a run for his money. We hope they don’t have too nasty a slog home in this new snow storm.

Peter, from Massachusetts, showed up with this very clever DN trailer carrying the hull in the middle and all the gear in lockers along the side, with the mast on top in a bag.

The good news in the weather is that this next spell promises a wintry mix, so whatever we get has the possibility to recover easily. There is over a foot of very nice ice out there; we inspected it through a kind ice fisherman’s hole. The first couple of inches are grey, and then black all the way to the bottom.

Is there any other good ice in New England? Fair ice? Lousy ice? We’ll sail on anything at this point!

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