DN Regattas on Damariscotta Saturday and Sunday

The DN Maine State Championship regatta, hosted by the Chickawaukee Ice Boat Club, will be held Saturday march 16 on Damariscotta lake. Launch site is Damariscotta Farm. The launch site may get congested, John Eastman will be harbor mastering and organizing launching and parking. There will be a skippers meeting at 9:30 on the ice at the launch site. The ice held up nicely Friday and temps are expected to hover around freezing all day again Saturday and Sunday. The surface is rough and not great but it is still here. The ice is about a foot thick, stay away from the shore, points, etc.

On Sunday the NEIYA will put on their long awaited DN Championship regatta on the same ice. The weather is supposed to hold with temps around freezing during the day and NW winds both days, perhaps gentle in the morning and picking up in the afternoon. The inn at Damariscotta Farm across the road from the launch site has some rooms left and serves dinner.

Damariscotta Farm is located at the NW corner of Damariscotta Lake on Rte 126 just South of intersection with 115. There is a loop drive with cabins on both sides extending down to the lake and launch ramp. This is NOT Damariscotta State Park beach in the NE corner of the lake. There is a sign for Damariscotta Lake Watershed Association at the head of the loop road.


About Lloyd Roberts

Long time ice boater. Creator of the Gambit and Cheapskate boats. Author of the first definitive book on ice boating "Think Ice"One of the original members of the Chickawaukie ice boat club in Maine. Lloyd also lives on Chickawaukie and has played launch host to countless ice boaters over the years.
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