Sailing Damariscotta 3/15

The soft stuff hardened like a rock in last night’s mid teen temps. However, it was not as smooth as polished granite. We all concurred that it was about a grade 5, with better spots here and there. The ice itself seemed very strong, with the only bad spots near channel markers, points and islands.

There will be DN racing there all weekend. Moderate wind forecast, but even with the rough surface today I found it very easy to move in the occasional lulls.
Low temps should maintain the surface all weekend. Please don’t park on the grass, but the entire ring road is fair game. it’s also dry! Just pull to the side so others can pass. Thanks, as always, to the Lamptons for their generosity: this access site is one of the best!

A few of us will be attempting to sail South Twin Lake in Millinocket, an annual ice hajj.

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