Rotting Chicky Ice

Intrepid president Buchholz did indeed sail on Chicky Wednesday. It had been in high 20’s and sun was screened by thin overcast. 9 inches of punky ice, plate hard on top. We walked on at Lloyd’s beach. Nice breeze. Nice sail. I was not feeling well, chest cold and indeed sat out the outing after biking around a bit.

Thursday AM, temp high 30’s, no sun, 5 inches punky ice at beach easily penetrated on third swipe of axe b ut still held me up, propabkl not tomorrow.

Late Spring sailing on Chicky is always limited by access. Public beach is gone. Lloyd’s lawn is slithery and beach will be gone shortly. Ice along Rte 17 seems to be up against steep rocky embankment and is tempting. I am very wary of that edge as it gets a lot of reflected warmth from the sun shining on its Western face. The water is deep there right up to the shore.

Go to Canada.

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