Miracle on Ice

It was forty degrees all night, but just to see what had happened to the slush sandwich I went to Megunticook. The water was gone and the surface hard. There was even a skim of ice over holes I’d chopped the day before. The wind was blowing so I called Brian Lamb and he was there in ten minutes. We set out on plates first; that’s how hard it was. An hour later I was on Slush runners having a ball but Brian’s boat was stuck. We swapped boats for a while, this being his first time out this year. We were a bit nervous about getting off the ice as the day warmed to nearly fifty, so we packed it up and were home in time for lunch.

The edge is rotten of course, but the 14″ on the main plate remains. I guess the point of the story is to never assume anything when considering ice. Or, better yet, against all logic assume that the sailing will be great. And don’t forget the slush runners!

Tomorrow to Moosehead!

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