Gee Whizz

Frank Able’s new boat continues to take shape at Apache Boatworks. Touch & Go’s mast, boom and springboard have been trimmed down to Whizz size and the plank is next. Tom Nichols stopped by and is pretty sure that the mast and plank were built by Beomke. It’s an honor to work with these parts and to get them back on the ice, even with a few pounds left in the shop.

Steve Lamb gave us a good start with his Whizz hull #5, which now has Touch & Go’s steering gear and deck hardware as well. Henry Bosset is making a new Whizz sail, and the old sail will be cut down for a storm sail.

We plan to cut down Touch & Go to pocket skeeter size and then offer her as a bare hull to allow some lucky sailor to jump-start a building project. Any one interested? The stern and cockpit on this fuselage are just stunning and need to be on the ice.

Will Frank keep the cool pin striping?

Sorry Steve, I just had to draw out the stern a little bit as a nod to Touch & Go…

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